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Our Matrix: Choose Your Pill Wisely - Articles Surfing

Propaganda (noun): publicity intended to persuade or convince people.

It is imperative that you see in propaganda the probabilities and possibilities. I forewarn you, even if you do wake up ' if you choose to heed my propaganda ' the only thing you will gain is awareness. You will gain further knowledge of and for yourself. You will gain knowledge of the truths that have been hidden from you.

You will gain if you choose to consider this plethora of speculations and move on to the next level to answer the questions I will plant in your head. You will gain if you choose to research further for self-knowledge. You will gain knowledge the conspirators do not wish you to have or strive toward, for your knowledge diminishes their stronghold over you.

Choose your pill wisely: remain the pawns in a never-ending game, or see just how far the rabbit hole goes?

I speak of a society that questions propaganda, that questions mass speculation, that questions rhetoric. I speak of a society that questions the media's motivation and agenda, that questions the political processes of a governing body from the top of the structural pyramid to the bottom, that questions and evaluates itself and its place in this complex world. I speak of a society unplugged from a forged world as intricate as the Matrix.

In a world managed by sentinels, which are the politicians? The agents are within the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Pentagon, Secret Service, Homeland Security, and the Special Cavalry Services. All of this is manned by the architect, the political official who claimed the seat in the White House: the President of the United States. That cloaked conspirator who hovers above us all is our Agent Smith, the viral element in our society and in our world. I am your self-proclaimed Neo in this soap opera.

We exist in a forged world for which the average man, woman, and child play a vital role: to continue the succession of this world, and to keep in power those who man it. The world in which we live needs us just as much as we need it. This world and its processes wouldn't be if no one existed upon it to do the controlling. The average man needs this strategic structure. We crave this terrain, this oppression, this hovering dominance.

I cannot take you into pinpointed details, for I do not have pinpointed details. My source will not allow me to be privy to those facts. He, she, or it has informed me that there are plenty of other authors from whom you can choose, American and international, who have attempted to do so in their controversial publications. My words are simply speculation fueled by decades upon decades of ingenious corruption, of which I have taken note. My words are meant to cause you to question your strategically conditioned belief systems and to open your minds to the probabilities and possibilities of your world, of your country, and of the society in which you live.

The aforesaid authors attempt to pinpoint truths of corruption in their literature, but the fact of the matter is that they are no different from me. It is all still speculation. A conspiracy is somewhat like a corporation. It is a fortified union fueled by people. You see, the fundamental principles of a corporation in any society are based on the mass manipulation and hidden control it has over its consumers, whom these corporations supposedly serve. In actuality, this union controls the consumer, keeping itself above the consumer at all times. This is why corporations spare no expense in a marketing campaign.

The same can be said for political campaigns ' the Presidential campaign, for example. Collective manipulation is not cheap. The price, if executed properly, will be paid by voters through campaign contributions. Money talks. With a conspiracy, mass manipulation and hidden control are fundamental. Conspirators control the media, Hollywood, literature, and more, focusing us on so many distractions that we miss the truths right in front of us. We can't see through the propaganda.

The conspirator's coup survives primarily by dumbing down the masses. Think about it. Our government, its political processes, and its political agenda continue to stay afloat because conspirators keep Americans in their pockets. Think about it. Lives that once required average America one job to support now demand two to three jobs. This triples the taxes forked over to our government. These taxes initially caused average America to seek extra work in the first place. Here is the primary means of controlling people, but it remains only a platform for mass manipulation and hidden control.

Think about it. When the average American is tired out financially, physically, and psychologically, what's left is an American so absorbed in his or her own fundamental survival that little attention remains for anything else. Everyday survival is top priority, until we are slapped in the face with the reality that the people we blindly voted into office are pissing on the world in which we live.

Your decisions are not your own, my fellow Americans. Strategic unknown beings dictate what you will do, what you will say, and how you will live. Think about it. When a politician is plastered on television, going on and on about subjects that fit into our current hopes and dreams, this politician gets our attention.

With the time constraints placed on us by the forged society in which we live, we are prone to "believe the hype." A politician speaks on fewer taxes, better jobs, increased pay, a secure economy, better health benefits, homeland security, recession prevention, government refunds. So we flock to this politician. We flock like a pack of seagulls bearing down on a fallen potato chip. We are lured to baited hook because we do not know a single truth about this politician. We know nothing but what we have been told, because we are too swamped with the full-time job of survival to think about researching. Politicians know exactly which of our buttons to push when competing to govern us. Conspirators strategically plot and project that the average American will be too exhausted to question anything.

Hey, America, I could go on and on about mass manipulation and hidden control, but I feel it superfluous, for it is never-ending. In addition, I am somewhat biased. I, too, am a victim of this control. We all are, as I hope you understand.

Submitted by:

A.K. Kuykendall

Pragmatic author A.K. Kuykendall has a passion for writing conspiracy, espionage, horror, and suspense literature that blends the concepts of fact and fiction. For more information on his projects, visit The Writer of Books or, to email the author directly for Q&A on this article, write to chooseyourpill@thewriterofbooks.com.



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