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Soldier/Soldier: The Convoluted Vietnamese Agenda(?) - Articles Surfing

America, you have no idea what atrocities took place during the Vietnam War. One item on the list was the mass assassinations of innocent Vietnamese citizens by Americans. John Kerry knows. The orders came down from politicians ' self-proclaimed gods ' who pulled the strings and watched it all unfold from their cozy recliners at home, sipping their scotch on the rocks and puffing their smuggled Cuban cigars.

John Kerry knows. He witnessed more than his share of these atrocities ' these mass assassinations of innocent Vietnamese citizens ' during his award-winning stint in Vietnam. Yet the propaganda he spewed in his race for the White House cannot be proved or researched, because it is a matter of National Security. It is safe to say it's classified. Right, Mr. Kerry?

My bet is that the decorated soldier John Kerry, who thought he fought for truth and honor, did not know the fundamental purpose in the blatant war crimes that took place in Vietnam. That's why, when Kerry wiped his hands of the military and of the Vietnam War in whole, his fight turned on the war itself. Right, Mr. Kerry?

Though details of the Vietnam atrocities will never come to light, Kerry ' a soldier morally catapulted from the core ' was, is, and will forever be fully aware of the military's industrial complex. Right, Mr. Kerry?

As all soldiers eventually come to realize during their service, no matter how high one might rise on the military's massive pyramid, soldiers don't play the game. They are simply the pieces played on the board. Right, Mr. Kerry?

When a soldier begins his or her career, one tends to believe he or she is doing the work of a patriot. In fact, our warriors are nothing but toy soldiers following orders. These orders ultimately further objectives they and no one else will ever know about. Right, Mr. Kerry?

Many people say the greatest threat to America comes from other nations, and some say the greatest threat comes from within. I concur with both assumptions, yet I fear only the second of the two. Considering his observations from the bloody lines in Vietnam and his subsequent boisterous reactions post-involvement, I suspect Kerry is on the same page with this fear. Right, Mr. Kerry?

Baffling is the redundant, scandalous corruption taking place in our United States. Even more of an anomaly is the blind eye many American people seem to take toward this corruption. America, know this: our elected governing body took an oath, from the top of our massive political pyramid to the bottom. Our politicians made the oath not to themselves, the secret societies of which they are members, or to the body of government for which they punch a clock each day. They made the oath, and they gave their word, to the people of our United States of America. True patriots, like me, are here to remind these corruptive power mongers of their fundamental duty.


Fraudulent politics ' This is my stand on today's plethora of issues and the actions taken therein by politicians. The countries that are collaborating with the United States are a fraudulent coalition brought about by a bullying and intimidating administration! This is what I think of President Bush and his administrations seemingly pressuring tactics in his push for war, not to mention his and the Republican parties strategy at controlling the flow of world politics. From his backward ass State of the Union speech, to his boisterous United Nations good-old-boy plea for assistance in operation "Iraqi Freedom."

America was lied to prior to the Vietnam War and today we're being lied too as well! America, deep within the evolutionary today, but as always: big corporations in affiliation with essential political officials, past and present, of the "south" run this country. This is an ingenious operation brought on by a supposedly banished organization from American and our political society: the Ku Klux Klan, the John Birch society, etc.

Many Americans, of all ethnicity's, have actually forgotten the days where the Knight Riders ran free. A fanatical society that had their hands in any and every category within the southern territories of America! This until their plan extended and they took notice the power of the political process and in the strength of corporate conglomeration. These fanatics saw an opportunity to achieve what they've always desired to achieve and that is the retrieval of America for the supposed true American.

These conspirators hide behind the titles: "Republican and Democrat," emphasis on the Republican, for the Republican Party's covert infiltration of the Democratic Party, as in Watergate, was just a necessary evil in the projected complete occupation of the country. Don't get me wrong my fellow Americans, neither one of these parties can be trusted, for both have agenda's that stretch far beyond the average American.

The average American, in both parties eyes, are nothing but a necessary vessel that keeps the country alive. Without the average American, they know that America would cease to exist! The military for one, procreation, jobs, consumers, but most importantly taxation! Both their fundamental philosophies are that "taxation needs representation."

This is a reality!

Their corporate headquarters are, check this; nestled in the heart of Texas. Their essential brethren in this well-orchestrated coup: Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and California. Understand one thing America, the success of this southern coup relies solely on mass manipulation, conquered territories, and the control of worldwide mineral resources. Primarily, their strengths derive from financial growth!

These are the reasons we are in Iraq people!

"We will not be intimidated!" President George W. Bush boldly stapled into the minds of Americans and into the minds of the whole world.

Listen closely America! This man was not talking about you or I; he's speaking as a spokesman of this ingenious southerners coup. Believe it or not America, he's using the blood of those at his leisure to further this collective coup. Those whom I speak of are our soldiers: our sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers who are presently at arms within the United States military.

I reiterate America, deep within the evolutionary today, but as always: big corporations in affiliation with essential political officials, past and present, of the "south" run this country.

Think about it people!

Think hard about the southerner's coup I speak of, and of how grandiose it really is. Out of all the Democrats that have ever been elected president, did you know that they've all been southerners? Odd! Strange maybe! Yea, odd and strange for you, not me.

Submitted by:

A.K. Kuykendall

Pragmatic author A.K. Kuykendall has a passion for writing conspiracy, espionage, horror, and suspense literature that blends the concepts of fact and fiction. For more information on his projects, visit The Writer of Books or, to email the author directly for Q&A on this article, write to theconvolutedagenda@thewriterofbooks.com.



Copyright © 1995 - Photius Coutsoukis (All Rights Reserved).


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