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America Is Being Invaded

Every year, 741,000 people are entering America illegally through the border into California, Arizona, and Texas from Mexico. They don't care that our government is wasting over ten billion dollars in tax money supporting them, they don't care that your children are being forced to learn and interact in Spanish in their schools, and they don't care that our health system is suffering greatly, so long as they have access to it.

Why should they? The government - Republicans, Democrats, and everyone else included - do almost nothing to stop them. Why not? Simply put, the government is an elected body. Mexicans represent a significant minority, especially the ones eligible to vote. Since a lot of our representatives are more concerned about holding an elected office, as opposed to the greater good of the other people they represent, we are left to defend our borders ourselves with groups such as the Minutemen, and create web sites such as this to promote awareness of the situation.

This issue isn't about racism. When you try to talk to others who support or sympathize with illegal immigration about the realistic problems our country is facing, they would like you to believe you are racist, or making racist comments. This is not true. The sad facts of life is, some people in the world will live better lives than others. In this case, America is one of the best countries in the world, and we need to protect that status. Letting in every single person we feel sorry for, simply isn't a reasonable solution. If it was, illegal immigration wouldn't be a problem, and we could open our borders to every third world country in the world, in the process, making us one as well.

You are not being selfish if you want to end illegal immigration. You deserve a good life, with the best education and medical benefits the government can offer, because you are here legally, and you pay taxes. Sympathizers of illegal immigration want you to believe that illegals deserve the same benefits as you, even though most don't pay taxes like you do, or even to bother learning the language of the country they invaded. Incidentally, illegals send billions of dollars per year home to Mexico. They don't even use most of the money they make here to support or improve our local economies. Instead, they export it to their home country.

Don't be mistaken. These people are criminals, and have violated federal law by entering a country illegally. Assuming they don't commit any other crimes while they live here, they are committing a crime every day that they wake up, and don't turn themselves in. Every last one is a fugitive of the law, not your friend. Friends would not let your tax dollars go to waste when they look you in the eye, every day.

Let's also not be so naive, that we think that terrorists couldn't use the same methods to cross the border that these people do. On my website (www.stopillegals.info) I have a picture of a book written in Arabic found at the border.

So lets band together, contact our elected representatives, and help stop the country from being assimilated into Mexico - after all, over 11 percent of Mexico's population already lives in the United States, and you're paying for it.

www.stopillegals.info (feel free to link to my site in your blog or on your website, and I will be sure to do the same once you contact me)

Submitted by:

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones, www.stopillegals.info


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