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(Note: This article was written as a response to Charles Krauthammer's presentation on "Democratic Globalism" in 2004 . . . its immediate reflections are all the more significant, given the on-going geopolitic realities we face nearly a 1.6 years later.)

The United States of America is no longer hiding her clawsno rival or United Nations or allied opinion can resist this colossus that struts her stuff across the planet. The economic disintegration, and political demise of the former Soviet Union, established the sole super power upon the globe in 1991. This hegemonic expression found herself the inheritor of all that exemplifies Western Civilization, be it the dregs of Sodom, the culture of Egypt, the international trading empire of Tyre, the mystical religions of Babylon, and especially the organizational and military genius of Pax Romana.

She is unchallenged. Termed the New Roman Empire by Russias President Vladimir Putin in the midst of pending unilateral and pre-emptive action against Iraq, without UN or French, German and Russian support, she waged her war of national interest, cloaked in the guise of geo-political realism, and justified by what syndicated columnist Dr. Charles Krauthammer calls democratic globalism (DG), a term he coined during a speech given before the American Enterprise Institute, Annual Public Policy Research Council in February 2004 when he received the Irving Krystal Award for public policy.

DG (according to Krauthammer) is the realpolitik of the Twenty-First Century and the only resolution to the anti-realism and self-hate of liberal internationalism embraced by the Democrats, which see no redeeming elements within the national interest policies of geo-political realism; instead, liberal internationalism (i.e., the Democrats) seek to undermine American national interests by taking the moral high ground only through humanitarian intervention on behalf of hurting peoples like in Haiti, Bosnia, Somalia, etc. while deriding the selfishness they see in the unilateralism of Bushs foreign policy.

The selective self-interest policies of todays DGs, in their inadvertent, newly-discovered unipolar world, where realism and economic self-interest can result in aggressive, pre-emptive wars that can be justified through morality (e.g., spreading democratic freedoms whereby civilization tames barbaric, medieval religious cultures of the Middle East), is the interventionist policy of the worlds never-before seen Commercial Republic. But, according to Krauthammer, we are NOT an empire in the classical sense of the termwe are the custodian of the international system. We will not be bound by what Krauthammer calls the Gulliver Effect wherein the colossus is tied down by international midget organizations like the UN, nor the likes of those unwilling to become members of the Coalition of the Willing (e.g., France, Germany, Canada, Russia, etc.).


No, todays export-driven economies, massive population flows and 9-11 realities have made isolationism obsolete, liberal internationalism (i.e., multi-lateralism) unrealistic, as well as anti-American; and, realism too harshleaving selective Democratic Globalism our only recourse. We, again according to Krauthammer, are a benign, reluctant but powerful COMMERCIAL REPUBLIC, not an exploitive and land-hungry empire of antiquity or recent colonialism. And, as the custodian of the international system, we will decide preemptively, and if need be, unilaterally, and in our own self-interest, when, where and how to defeat our immediate problem, Islamic totalitarianism (secular or religious).

Hence, obsession with the earths oil reservesin the name of Democratic Globalismperfectly suits our Commercial Republics goals of Middle East democratization (while picking up the spoils of territorial conquest, and, simultaneously initiating such conquests with immediate exit strategieslater to be discarded now that were in there.). Pax Americanas military, in the name of fighting global terrorism will crush all others who are not for her. Her monopolistic and obdurate economic policies (euphemistically entitled Free or Fair Trade) are not designed to enslave the bodies and souls of men, nor will they heap up riches for the Merchants of the Earth who are made rich through trading with herno, trust us, we mean well in freeing the peoples of the earth in this manner; and, yes, Im being facetious!

Krauthammers claim that this Commercial Republic bears no resemblance to any empire of the past is not altogether accurate. She is not Rome, nor Medo-Persia, not Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Empire, the British, French, Spaniards nor the Tsars, Nazis or the Communists. Yet, the new unipolar world of Americas hegemony (i.e., the foreign benefactors of her Commercial Republic) does share an uncanny reflection to another international trading empire: the Phoenicians; and, ipso facto, the biblical King of Tyres imprint endures yet another resurrection to collide in prophetic fulfillment as the commercial Babylon of the Last Days!

Going forth conquering and to conquer upon a white horse is done in the name of democratization, on behalf of extending freedom to all peoples tyrannized by despots and implacable religious tyrants who demean the name of liberty and violate the conscience of thinking and free peoples everywhere. The planet awaits its greatest hour, so we are told, and preemptive aggression (rather, liberation) by the worlds only unipolar power has made his purposes knownyou are either for us or against us; and, since we epitomize the best the blue planet can offer, we alone will or, for that matter, are capable to decide who should be free or neglected.

Yes, Democratic Globalism is a moral crusade between good and evil, between freedom and tyranny. Hence, this purely political resolve demands an interior motivation that can only be supplied by that which espouses, defines and provides moral covering for Gulliver in his travels. Arise, the new and implacable Rightcomprised of a distorted, prophetically motivated bastion of evangelical, southern Protestants (as well as leaders of Americas mega-churches and compatriots amongst so-called pro-family elements within religious Americae.g., Mormons, Moonies, Anti-abortionist Catholics, etc.) in league with American neo-cons. Together, they salute the aggressive policies of a Presidency determined to rid the world of terrorismand in so doing, rule the earth. These, the religious and the profane, are greeted with enthusiasm by their benefactors who gloat over the oil bounty secured through this new aggressive policy of international economic hegemony through military conquest and subjugation, all in the name of global democratization, freedom, liberty and elimination of evil doers from the planet.

Ostensibly, over the past twenty-five-plus years, they have galvanized, through media complicity, corporate malfeasance, and blatant subterfuge the family vote in Americawhen there never was one to begin with! In so doingthey have inadvertently ascribed unto themselves the moral high ground and have, in the process, hijacked Jesus Who they have wrapped in their flag within their Patriotic Church.


This writer was raised in a home where Mom and Dad were stalwart Democrats. Theyd vote for a jackass if the democrats ran one for Presidentand I think that may have happened! I remember when Mom came home from the Almond Growers here in Sacramento and told me she was fired for trying to help organize a unionwhich to this day does not exist at the Almond Growers/Blue Diamond operations!

Unionthats rightTeamsters Union and proud of it. But deeply religious and steeped in social values that mirror those of the conservative right today! But the dems went out there and embraced a social agenda that got real peculiar as far as Mom and scores of other dems like her and dad. So what happenedgo to Wichita, Kansas and find out for yourself. Whats happening in Wichita for blue collar workers is happening all over the nation and the only ones that cant figure it out are the dems who control that party.

But that doesnt make much difference. Why? Clinton and his NAFTA/DLC elites are nothing more than Republican economic lightfor the big picture of global economic dominance is so steeped, so engrained in the psyche of both parties, that the only battle of differences are social in nature, with some civil rights bearing limited attraction (i.e., the Democrats mouth support for the civil rights of minorities, gays, etc.). So why on earth would a socially conservative democrat vote for Kerry/Edwards when their economic policies virtually mirror those of the Republican Bush/Cheney regime? And, talk is cheap! So, the anti-war crowd are really, in so far as the movers and shakers at the top of the Democratic Party are concerned, nothing more than talk they too must protect Mrs. Kerrys millions somehowand it aint going to be through economic isolationism and the Libertarian policies of Pat Buchanan.

Sowhat youve got here are the little meaningless nuances on how to fight the global war on terrorism and still maintain economic hegemony over the worlds economies!


Compounding their ostentatious take over of the leadership of the Republican Party from its country club headship and wishy-washy moderate Republican elites (a.k.a., the mainstream Republicans), have been the socio-religious conservativesmany of whom are white refugees from the disenfranchised Solid South and the union (as in labor union) North. Their leadership, however, has promoted an aggressive commercial promulgation of the Gospel of Prosperity and, ipso facto, their marriage to corporate Americawho has found in them the moral covering to subjugate the worlds economy under one umbrella, their own.

Think about itnot only have the social conservatives of the Democratic Party been disenfranchised (as a result of the shift in emphasis within the Democratic Party in the early 1980s from plain and simple economic issues to the embrace of the radical social agendas of various splinter groups and party greens)but the social conservatives of the Republican Party, and their newly-arrived democratic counterparts, now get to sit down and shut up and listen to the likes of McCain, Guliani, and Schwarzenegger at the Convention!

Yes, it must be luv - Corporate Americas embrace of the Theocratic Rights commercialism was witnessed at NASCARs biggest event (February 15, 2004) in Daytona Beach, FL. Mel Gibsons The Passion was seen atop the hood of a participant. AOL (America On-line) asked its audience if Christianity should participate in such blatant commercial advertisingin response, 85% saw nothing amiss with such merchandising (and AOL termed it merchandising)thus, was birthed another benign hybrid from hell as Country Clubber and Prosperity Gospel-lite continue their turbulent romance of convenience and connivance.


The man on the white horse who promised compassionate conservatism at its inceptionhas changed horses from white to apocalyptic red, whereon the man of peace has become the man of war. And, not just pure warbut wars of liberation -- wars that will democratize the planet, making it safe and free!

For those of us who cherish the liberties we hold as unalienable and given by our Creator and resist religious tyranny, wars without, and unbridled greedwe now behold the resemblance of a prophetical eruption of an Image whose imperial might and colonial/commercial expansionism bears little or no recognition to the America we once knewand NEITHER political party wants to stop it! In the name of freedom and liberty, of democracy and the banishment of terrorism and tyranny, we march on and on. Where have we heard and witnessed such affirmations once promised, but whose commercial and missionizing intentions were abysmal failures?

Dear friend, Christianity cannot be propagated by the sword nor by shock and awethe promise of infidels and savages coming under the light and blessings of the gospel, while simultaneously reaping huge economic profits, only exposes the rotten underbelly of rank colonialisma recurring pathology whose flesh-eating diseased symptoms are altogether recognized throughout the world.

A crusade against evil in the mind of the inner cabinet of this administrationubiquitously launched against the mysterious forces of global terrorism and their serpentine networks and operativesbespeaks of communisms stupidity, when Brezhnev proclaimed that the USSRs sacred internationalist duty to thwart, through overt military acts, all attempts to subvert socialisms experiment throughout the globe were wholly justified. The city set on a hill -- that beacon of light to shine into the darknesshas now become an intrusive flashlight, probing and inspecting. Once her hands reached out to the poor and tormented of the earthnow she grabs their hands and fingerprints them upon entry at customs.

Joseph Goebbels famous dictum that to tell a believable lie one must tell a whopper or a cacophony of them continues to hold true today. Let me humbly state: The more we hear of why we entertained this War of Liberation commenced upon the Mesopotamian Plain, the more nonsensical and blatantly false were its assumptions. In the Twentieth Century the Nazis may have developed the lie, and the Soviets may have refined the lie, but the total believability of the lie has reached unsurpassed ignobility by a Twenty-First Century public so gullible, and under the ether of a press so compliant, that the masses who have succumbed to this absurd barrage of disinformation are perhaps the most ill-informed generation ever to countenance Americas landscape.

(Note: This article was originally included in an e-line book entitled: UNSEALING THE END OF DAYS @

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Submitted by:

Doug Krieger

Doug is a member of the Last Days Network, a group of writers dedicated as a prophetic voice to the Church and the World. In particular, how religion and politics impact our life in America; news analysis and commentary on current events.



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