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Basic Info On Remortgages

Remortgaging is a term that is not heard all that often but when it is used it can be very confusing to those that hear it. Remortgaging is actually a very straightforward process; it is the process that allows a homeowner to replace their existing mortgage loan with a new one with a different lender.

Basically what happens is that the lender will repay the current mortgage debt to the original loan provider and then the borrower has a new mortgage loan with the new company.

Keeping the Terms Straight and Making A Remortgage Work for You

Many people think that the terms remortgage and refinance are one in the same but they are not. The process of refinancing and remortgaging is very similar but there is one big difference and that is the fact that remortgaging involves an entirely different lender while a current lender can refinance a loan. The whole point is that when you remortgage you are doing away with one loan and lender and starting anew.

So now that you are clear on exactly what a remortgage is you can determine if this is something that you should consider doing. Most people remortgage in an effort to save money. Many people find that they are able to remortgage at a much lower interest rate, making the loan more affordable because it will reduce the monthly payment of the borrower.

Other people remortgage to get some equity out of the home to put toward other projects. If you would like to update your home or simply need some cash to take care of other bills you may want to remortgage and borrow against the equity in the home. This is a simple way for homeowners to get some extra cash and it works!

Luckily for homeowners, remortgaging is really simple. You'll go through a process much like the process that you went through when you applied for your original mortgage. You'll need to include all of the same paperwork including proof of your current income, debts, and other personal and financial information. If you have been good about paying your mortgage on time you will likely find that remortgaging is a breeze.

If you are thinking of remortgaging you should be aware that there will be some fees associated with the process. Many times the borrower is required to pay legal and processing fees associated with the process. These fees, just like closing costs, can really add up so you should ask about these fees ahead of time so you aren't surprised. For most people the whole process is about getting ahead. And I think that is a reasonable attitude to have.

Remortgaging is not for everyone but if you would like to get a better interest rate on the loan that you currently have and you cannot get that through your current lender you might want to think about the process of remortgaging. Do a bit of research and find out where you can get the best remortgaging deal.

Submitted by:

Ajeet Khurana

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