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4 Ways To Lose Your Money In A Casino! - Articles Surfing

When you gamble in a casino or online casino, you are making rapid decisions, any one of which could drastically affect your bankroll. Once you have a good knowledge of the game you're playing, you apply the rules of your favorite system to gain positive results.

Not so with Sports Betting. Here, it's not a matter of making those quick decisions on where to place your bets, or how to place your bets or when to place your bets' it's a matter of careful homework, careful planning, and a solid knowledge base.

In the casino, your action is quick and the results are nearly instantaneous, so here are the deadly four:

1) Speed (Hasty Decisions): Obviously, when you are forced to make quick decisions with very little time for calculation and planning, you're subject to big losses.

2) Lack of Knowledge: Like anything else in life, you must study a subject to conquer it. No one succeeds in a career or even a task without a good knowledge of the subject.

3) BPH (Bets Per Hour): Since the majority of bets placed in a Casino are losers, it stands to reason that if you increase the number of bets placed, you will also increase the number of bets lost. Look at Horse Racing: there are only 9 -12 races on a card, and there is ample time between races to prepare your bets. Compare the Baccarat Pit with the mini tables. In the Pit, the players handle the cards and their BPH is much, much lower than at the mini tables.

4) Steaming: It's an often repeated mistake' following a loss, many gamblers will increase their next bets to make up for the loss. Or worse, some get so frustrated that they begin making irrational decisions 'going on tilt'.

But in sports betting, the individual bets are "in action" for longer periods of time, maybe hours. That alone makes it more fun (and safer) for many bettors.

And, as stated above, it takes a lot of homework and basic knowledge to do well with sports betting... unless, you rely on a source that takes that part of the equation away from you.

There are many of these services available. From a single handicapper to a sophisticated army of experts, these services will provide for a fee (or percentage of your winning bets), their picks in any or every sport. Other services provide their picks via a membership basis: sign up and get their picks on a schedule.

Then, armed with the picks from experts, all you have to do is decide what percentage of your bankroll to bet.

Here's an example:

For several months, the Perfect Basketball Betting System... A gambler's dreams come true' has been touted everywhere!

The system that never lost... not once in ten years!

Many joined up and have been on the winning streak.

But, many did not join, and if you read emails on the subject or the comments on the many videos posted online about the opportunity... it was because those that didn't buy into the program didn't believe their perfect record... "too good to be true" was the consensus.

First, let's assume that it would be foolish to lie about their record... why would they take the chance to alienate anyone? They've worked too hard to establish a good reputation and a family of subscribers... and they would never jeopardize the trust people had in them when they joined...

Second, they had devised a system to greatly reduce their chance of losing... they had the expertise to select winners in Professional Basketball, PLUS they increased their odds of winning greatly by adjusting the odds given them at cooperating sports books.

It worked perfectly for ten years... then the unthinkable happened: they lost! Not once, but twice!!

Now that the system has lost, some of the naysayers are happy, but most are suddenly quiet.

So, for those that didn't believe the Ten-Year Record of 1496-0, and the (then) current season record of 56-0...

It happened... they lost!

To those who were enjoying the ride, it's awful!

To those others who did not join because it was "too good to be true"... they got what they wanted. The current record is 62-2.

"Nothing's Perfect", so, now what's the reason the naysayers are not joining up?

The system is no longer perfect... no longer "too good to be true", and is finally "human".

Are they going to join up now? Are they going to ride the wave of 'Makeup Picks'? Are they going to take advantage of the new attitude of the experts? The 'holy smokes, we can't lose again' feeling the experts must be experiencing? Now would certainly be the best time to join'

They've made it very attractive'

You can grandfather in for $195.00 and never have to pay the $495 fee that will be the price next NBA season...


OR: you can join for $59 per month, and receive not just the NBA, but also the NHL, MLB, NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball (and I suspect others are coming).


OR: if you don't want to receive their picks, you can buy their comprehensive strategy book on how to pick winners in all those sports yourself. Also, included in the package are some Casino Strategy Systems. This package is currently on sale at $197.


All three options come with their 'no questions asked', money-back guarantee.

Submitted by:

Buzz B Berkeley

Buzz has been teaching gambling for many years, and collecting gambling resources all the while. He has put them all together into one website. If you have the same passion for gambling, sign up for his FREE Newsletter at Buzz On Gambling. You are invited to post on his blog at: Buzz's Gambling Blog.If you're in Las Vegas, you MUST use: The U Can't Lose bet.



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