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Amazon Rainforest- The Last Green Frontier On Earth

Rainforests are one of Mother Earth�s major biological hotspots as they teem with wildlife. Rainforests enjoy a huge diversity in their biological resources since they receive excess sunlight during the daytime and experience very heavy rainfall during the nights. This has resulted in the immense growth of flora in the rainforest. However, the majesty of the Amazon rainforests is impossible to capture in a virtual environment. Rainforests have undergone an ocean of changes to become what they are today and they have so many uses. They provide shelter to diverse flora and fauna and also provide other useful products such as timber, medicine, raw materials, etc.

It is said that destruction is easier than construction. It is true. Man has destroyed a large part of the rainforests, that were painstakingly created by nature over millions of years, in just a century. Pathetically, man�s every effort to study more about this habitat has only resulted in its increased destruction. Rainforests have been depleted and the statistics show that the decrease in loss is from 14% to 6%. Experts approximate that the remaining rain forests could possibly be extinct within a span of forty years if humanity continues to consume its properties at the same rate. Overwhelmingly, it is estimated that every single passing second witnesses the destruction of nearly one and a half acres of rainforest.

The rainforests are home to more than a half of the world�s population of flora and fauna and a fifth of the fresh water of the world lies in the Amazon Basin. A hectare of rainforest land houses about 1500 types of advanced plants and 750 species of trees. It has been found that a singular pond in the rain forest has the capacity of sheltering more fish than the total amount of fish in Europe�s rivers combined. Consider that 25 acres of rainforest land contains, roughly, around 700 trees. This is significantly greater than the total tree diversity of the continent of North America!

If the entire Amazon rainforest was constituted into a single country, it would become the ninth largest country of the world. The Amazon Rainforest can be aptly described as �Earth�s lungs�. An approximate of 20% of earth�s oxygen is liberated by this particular rainforest alone. The Amazon was an ocean of forests, and today the rainforest is blemished by roads, ranches and dams. Brazil, the samba giants of FIFA, were also giants in the sphere of rainforests. They housed nearly a third of the great rainforest; however, 20% of the Amazon rainforest has now been obliterated due to deforestation and similar activities.

The culprits of this full fledged massacre of the Amazon rainforest are primarily the timber and paper industries. Wood chipping and cardboard packing industries utilize machines that weigh around 15 tons, with their cutting discs measuring out at 8 feet, annihilate the rainforest in no time; rotating at a devilish 320rpm. The root cause of this problem and its solution are both economic. This problem involves the welfare of the entire world as it almost solely contributes to the increase in the world temperature, decrease in medicines and much more. This problem can be solved only when people realize that the wealth and prosperity obtained by plundering nature unscrupulously will not last for ever.

Submitted by:

Gabriel Adams

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