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Basics Of Polarized Lenses

Most lenses in sunglasses these days will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun and glare, but what's so special about polarized lenses? What makes them work? Read on to find out.

What Are Polarized Lenses

Sunglasses with polarized lenses have a specially laminated surface that contains vertically aligned stripes. These vertical stripes will allow only vertically polarized light to pass through the lens and into your eyes. This virtually eliminates glare because most glare is horizontally polarized, therefore it cannot pass through a vertically polarized lens and is blocked from reaching the eyes.

Advantages To Using Polarized Lenses

There are many advantages to using polarized lenses. First, eye fatigue is reduced because less harmful light is reaching the eyes. Next, during recreational activities that involve being on or near water, the reflected glare from the water is substantially reduced and will allow you to see into the water more easily. While driving, less glare from the sun will mean safer driving and less fatigue from driving longer hours. At the beach, polarized lenses will lessen glare from the sand. On the slopes, polarized lenses in goggles or glasses will protect the eyes from glare from the snow and help the skier or snowboarder to see the slopes better, resulting in greatly enhanced safety. In fact, on any sunny day, there will be many instances where sun will be reflected into our eyes, whether from other vehicles, buildings, signs or windows, that wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses is a smart and healthy idea if you care at all about protecting your eyesight.

What is glare?

The dictionary defines glare as a "glare of sunlight" or a difficulty in seeing due to bright light, whether reflected or direct. At the beach, on the slopes, on the water, on the road, anywhere outdoors you are, there is usually glare.

Why is glare so bad?

Glare can cause safety issues, where if you're driving, whether in the daytime or nighttime, a sudden strong glare can cause you to not see something that could cause you to have an accident. Glare is also dangerous to the eye and glare's UV rays can cause damage to the eye with enough exposure. Glare is also very dangerous to people who have had eye surgery, have eye problems or very sensitive eyes.

Best Uses For Polarized Lenses

Glasses or goggles with polarized lenses are a wonderful safety invention, but they also look cool. Don't forget to wear your polarized sunglasses when driving, skiing, snowboarding, running, jogging, fishing, or even walking. Virtually any sport or activity where you are outside in the sun, you'll want to wear a pair of polarized sunglasses to take care of your eyes.

Polarized sunglasses and lenses are a great way to not only protect your eyes but are excellent for overall outdoor safety. So, get a pair for yourself and the one's you love.

Submitted by:

L Quinn

Lydia Quinn writes for Phat Sports Shades, a leading provider of high performance eyewear and polarized sunglasses for eye protection during sports, motorcycle riding and outdoor activities. Visit us at: http://www.phatsportshades.com


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