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We all know what they mean but we don't know whether we should like them or hate them. I recall an Original Reality Series named 'Candid Camera' few years ago. Some persons on the street(who had no idea there was a camera waiting to film them) were caught in ridiculous and funny situations usually provoked by the team of this show. Nowadays, we watch instead those 'Funniest Home Videos' programs.

The old-fashioned

Afterwards,the whole idea changed in what Original Reality series were concerned: the idea of taking a group of people into a house and filming them for every instant of their staying there crated " big brother"(originated in Holland) was the first one. As I have mentioned before, some persons were take into a house where cameras were on 24 hours a day. People could decide on the phone who should stay or leave the house. Another Reality show worthwhile to mention is ' survivor' where a group of people is facing a series of hostile conditions brought about by the natural environment, similar to a jungle; they were filmed while trying to find food, water or shelter and, as Big Brother, some of them, the public deciding, were out.

Newest Idea

Big Brother was the first to open the range of this type of original reality series. We can name now 'Masterplan' where certain tasks are given to the participants by 'the Master'. Another one is 'the Bar' where the competitors live and work together in a bar i the evenings.In 'Popstars' the young participants struggle to gain the position in a band. In 'Pop Idol' is quite different because there is only a winner whose next record is ought to be successful. The British ' Pop Idol' the success is guaranteed. A connection between Big Brother and Pop Idol has led to 'Fame Academy' where participants live in a luxurious house and practice singing and dancing, while being filmed as in Big Brother.'Prticipants suffer here too:smoking is forbidden and alcohol is brought in few quantities. The 'fear factory' is the one in which participants must face the things they fear the most: being covered by bugs or climbing outside a window at the twentieth floor.

So what's all about it?

Critics say these programs should be banned as they are somewhat immoral and exploitative, yet people watch them. For the viewer is an opportunity to watch people doing things he or she thought could never been done. Another aspect is the one of watching people in the sense of observing them; they are different and interesting. The TV is the source of many things looked for; it is comfortable, easy to access and relaxing unlike cinemas or theaters, where people must keep their most deep reactions inside them.

Most TV companies are prone to create these original reality series because they are cheap, entertaining and usually lead to a growth in its rating which is the best way to create a good image of the TV channel.

Another question to be answered is 'why do people ever participate in this shows?' Basically for popularity and money. Few decades ago, TV wasn't for average people: you had to show certain skills like acting or having great fluency. Nowadays, it has become an attraction for every person as we are used to filming weddings, births, generally, special moments in our lives.

So, what's next?

It is usually claimed that these original reality series look fascinating at the beginning but, as time passes, they are less watched as they become redundant. Maybe people have learned to judge the things are being brought in as these series. All they have to do is to vary certain aspects so as to make it more interesting.

Submitted by:

Ispas Marin

Ispas Marin

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