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Just wanted to drop in tonight in between casino hopping to say something to the online casino naysayer crowd: A few days ago I spoke with a gentleman who indicated to me that he somehow "trusted" the land based casino hs goes to, but does not trust the online casinos because he somehow just "knows" they are not going to ever give him a win, and that even if he did win, that they would never pay because they are so far away. HMMM, I could easily see this guy was mesmorized into believing a real falsehood. I personally know that online casinos love to pay their winners, because they know the customer will never come back if they don't, and their name would be mud too.

HIS was really faulty reasoning to me, and I asked him to tell the absolute truth about how often he wins at the land based casino he goes to. He stopped telling lies after awhile and finally admitted that usually he loses, but once in a great while he wins a big jackpot of about $1500 to $4000 on video poker or keno. OK says I, but how much did you spend getting the last jackpot? He did not like that question because he knows the answer is that he has spent too much playing day after day, and has not come out ahead. People who love to gamble in casinos never really stop to add it all up until it's too late, and they are broke. I think he really didn't know exactly, and was happier not knowing.

The house is always in the best position to win, and the odds favor the house. This is true in the land based brick and mortar casino, and in the online caaino. I asked the guy "if you didn't play in all this hubbub and noise, would you be able to take the time needed to make better decisions about how much to bet and which machines to play? He admitted after much argument that he would like to try an online casino after all, since I convinced him that a cup of coffee and his familiar PC in the home office was a much better environment to gamble in that the old brick and mortar casino that he has to drive to for an hour, and then drinks beer in, and then loses money in. I also recommended that he look for more games where skill is needed, and to bone up on those games (roulette for one).

This guy is typical of many folks who are not realizing the wonder and greatness of online casinos, in that there is never any waiting for machines on a crowded night, and no one is getting drunk and running into you while you play in the privacy of your own home. The house always has the odds in their favor, but you can win more often if you study the games and understand that you can instantly close out a machine that is not paying in an online casino, and click over to the menu and select another slot machine or card game, and your money balance goes with you. Choice and flexibility is what they offer.

When you go to the old favorite casino down the road, it can be crowded, and when your good old favorite slot machine is not paying, can you easily dump the dollar coins out and move? Often it is just too difficult on a crowded night, and a person will simply obsess over the game they are losing with, and keep playing until the money is gone. The distractions in land based casinos are numerous. The distracions keep you in a state of confusion, and you tend to lose track of time and of how much money you really have to spend. Have you ever looked up on the wall of a casino and seen a clock? Nope, because they don't want you to know what time it is!

I am not saying that the first time you deposit money and play in an online casino that you will win, but they start you off much better than their counterparts in the land based casinos do. Many online casinos will offer a first time players Bonus on top of the initial deposit, and they have various promotions where a person can earn another bonus later during the session. Online casinos also offer game tutorials which are much easier to understand than the game help files in big casinos. Have you ever tried to understand those things? Many online casinos also offer Free Slots, and I challenge you to find me a free slot machine in a brick and mortar casino! I have never seen one that you could play all night, but online casinos have them.

I love to gamble, and I do so usually in the privacy of my own home during off peak times of the day, or in the evening when all is quiet. I drink soda or coffee, iced tea or milk, and I carefully consider every move I make in the online games I play. Compared to the previous record I had in the casinos I traveled to in my car, I am doing much better and have won a much higher overall percentage than before. Now I am learning how to play poker online, and that is really fun.

So, how do you feel about the difference between online casinos and land based casinos? I also must admit that I have not completely given up playing in brick and mortar casinos. I now mix it up about 80% online and 20% land based casino. And, I am purposefully not mentioning the names of any land based casinos because I don't want to get sued for defamation or worse. I like both, and using high integrity online casinos is important while gambling online. I like to take trip to Vegas once in awhile, or if I can't leave I just go to the Vegas Red Online Casino.

Here is a great website with only high integrity online casinos listed. Every casino listed is one that always pays the winners, and they all have 24/7 online support available if you need it.


Submitted by:

Franklin Banker

Franklin Banker is an internet marketing professional who also plays casino games and poker from time to time. He has considerable experience in picking winning casinos, but is the first to admit he is not always a winner. His online casino website is http://Online-Casino-Gambling-Websites.com and his online gambling blog is http://casinowinmoneyonlinepoker.blogspot.com/.



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