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Decoy Your Buck Inot Bow Range - Articles Surfing

The Wisconsin morning air was still and bit at my face as I made my way quietly to my stand. It was one of those mornings, so quiet, you feel as though every step you take is being heard by the game you are after. This was my third trip into this area and I have seen a few nice bucks on the other trips. They just seemed to never be in range of my Golden Eagle Evolution. This time was going to be different though, I had a new plan.

I eased into the area where my stand was placed and checked the wind again,"perfect". Twenty yards up wind of my stand, I place my secret weapon. A full size doe decoy. I watched the tapes, read the articles and today I would get him as close as I needed. After placing some Tink's #69 on the ground under my decoy, I quietly climbed into my stand some fifteen feet above the decoy. After waiting for what seemed to be an eternity, I gave a few soft grunts in different directions and eased my back up against the tree. I'm not really sure, but I don't think I even got the call back into my pocket, when I heard a limb snap. I slowly turned my head and there he was. A tall racked nine pointer with good mass for the public land I was hunting. He was already inside my 30 yard comfort zone, but quartering toward me. I looked away long enough to get my release on the string. As I looked back to him, he started to move down wind of the decoy. Just as I had planned, when he stopped the second time to wind the decoy, he was 5 steps from my tree. The Muzzy broadhead hit its mark as he left the ground and bolted for cover. I gave a quick grunt with my mouth that stopped him in his tracks. He turned and looked back at the decoy, as wondering why she didn't run too. Down he went right there, no more then twenty five yards from my stand.

Decoy Tips

Using a decoy can be a great way to get that buck of a life time to close the distance you need to seal the deal.

Scent Control

Use the same care in eliminating scent from your decoy, as you do yourself. I give my decoy a bath in my favorite scent eliminating spray every time, before taking it into the woods. Always handle your decoy with gloved hands, being sure not to contaminate it on the way to your stand. Store your decoy in a place that doesn't allow it to be contaminated by odors around the house or in your truck.

Know The Wind

Never hunt your stand if the wind is not in your favor. Place the decoy up wind of your stand. A buck will almost always circle down wind of the decoy to check it out. If using a doe decoy, place it facing away from you. The buck will again, almost always approach a doe from behind. Just the opposite if using a buck decoy. Place a buck decoy facing you, another buck will greet him head on.

Using Scents

I believe you should use scents with a decoy. If it looks like a deer, it probably should smell like one too. What scent you use depends on the decoy, buck or doe? I never place the scent on the decoy directly, this is just my preference. I sometimes like to leave my decoy stashed in the brush over night. I have seen a decoy destroyed because it was attacked while left out over night. If they can't smell it they can't find it. Instead, the scent I use, is placed on the ground under the decoy, I have also hung the absorbent scent wicks from a decoy.


When placing the decoy, set it out no farther than your comfortable range. When the buck circles down wind, you should always end up with a shot closer than your maximum range.

If you have never used a decoy, I would recommend giving it a try. Combine the decoy with occasional soft grunts and you never know what might just appear. That monster buck that has been just out of range, may suddenly pay you a visit.

Submitted by:

Art Wedge

Art Wedge has been hunting an studying whitetail deer for 20+ years and currently operates a hunting website http://www.huntingcircle.com. This site is based on knowledge and tips from average everyday hunters. Find articles, news, recipes, tips and more.



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