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Do You Possess A Love Of Fishing?

Do you possess a love of fishing? Here is a list of popular fish, both saltwater and fresh.


1. Trout is a yummy fish. Apply the catch and release rule some of time. It is important to leave some of the trout behind since they are the top predator in their environment. The different varieties of trout is: rainbow, brown, brook and lake.

2. The most popular fish in the United States is the bass fish. Fishing for bass is a great experience. The American bass is part of the sunfish family. There are several varieties of bass and they are: largemouth, smallmouth and white.

3. I have to say that walleye is one of best tasting fish I have ever had. You can find them close to a drop-off and they stay in schools. Even though fishing for walleye can be tricky it can be done. The walleye�s cousin is perch.

4. If you want a potentially dangerous and tricky fish to catch then go after the pike. They tend to have sharp teeth and a bad attitude. Pike fish cannot be rushed and like to be in weedy shallows. They take their time in ambushing their prey. This fish is bony but also tasty. The pike is related to the muskellunge and pickerel.

5. The panfish can be easy and fun to catch. This is a very tasty fish to eat. Panfish will attach almost anything on a book because they are so small and always hungry. The different varieties of the panfish are: bluegill, white crappie, black crappie and sunfish.


1. The bluefish can be caught pretty easily but keep in mind that they are strong fighters. If you�re looking for a good fight then this is the fish for you. If you eat the bluefish fresh it is absolutely delicious.

2. Another yummy fish to eat is the flounder. This is a fish that is also pretty easy to catch. As long as you have a fish-finding device and a little boar you should not have any trouble finding them. Another variety of the flounder is the fluke fish.

3. If you are a fisherman looking for a challenge then go after the striped bass. Keep in mind that the striped bass are picky about what they will attack and when they will do it. Using a bunker or herring as a bait fish might increase your changes of catching one. A fly-rod, plugs or spoons work well.

4. The redfish is also known as the red drum or channel bass and can be found from Houston to New Jersey. They tend to be fighters and prefer shallow water. If the fly does not land right in front of their noses they will probably completely ignore you.

5. An important commercial fish is the cod. This is a fish that can be caught during the cold months. Cod tend to be big so you will need a heavy line. These fish can weigh more than 30 pounds. Cod are quite delicious whether they are eaten fresh, dried or salted.

Hopefully the next time you are out fishing for the day you will be successful in getting at least one of these fish hooked on your line.

Submitted by:

Robert Michael

Robert Michael is a writer for Fishing Niche which is an excellent place to find fishing links, resources and articles. For more information go to: http://www.fishingniche.com


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