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Establishing Your Perfect Golf Swing

Many experts would agree that most golfers take their swing too seriously. Learn the basics, practice a lot and stay out of your own way!

Here are the basic steps for a full and perfect golf swing:

1. Grip the club with your left hand so that your thumb lies along the shaft. The line between your thumb and index finger should point toward your right eye. Wrap your right hand over your left so that your left thumb fits into the cup of the right palm. If you are left-handed, reverse these instructions.

2. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart with your right foot pointing straight ahead and your left foot slightly to the left. Bend at your hips, keeping your back straight and your knees flexed. Distribute your weight evenly from front to back and left to right.

3. For the backswing, shift your weight to your right foot. At the same time, tilt your shoulders vertically so that your left shoulder points down, and right shoulder points up. The left end of the club will be pointing approximately at or behind the ball. As you�re shifting your weight to your right foot, release to the instep of your left foot so you can get behind the ball. Ensure that your right foot, right hip and head are in a vertical line. Begin your backswing with your hands, followed immediately by your arms and shoulders. Don�t hurry. This won�t create a faster downswing. Keep your pace steady throughout your backswing. If you aren�t happy with your golf swing, this is one of the first corrections to try. Slow down your backswing.

4. For the downswing and impact, start with your hips. Shift your weight to your left foot by leading with your hips in a slight lateral motion. Point the club end in your right elbow down at your right foot. At the same time, shift to the instep of your right foot so that most of your weight is on your left foot. Release your hips by rotating them through, so that your hips, belly button, and shoulders are facing the target. Your right toe is just balancing you, not supporting any weight. Hold the finish position. Look down the target line, not down at the ground.

Many golf professionals say that eighty percent of the perfect golf swing is the body pivot. This involves three main components:

� the turning of the body back, down and through

� the correct weight shift throughout the swing

� balance

Any loss of balance throughout the golf swing means that there is a pivot and weight shift problem. That will be reflected in the direction, loft and speed of the ball. Review these steps until you are comfortable and then keep practicing. The perfect golf swing is within your reach!

Submitted by:

Richard Myers

Richard Myers provides the avid golfer with video instruction to improve his or her golf swing. If the perfect golf swing and golf grip elude you, you need the proper golf swing trainer. http://www.thinkandreachpar.com.


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