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10 Ways to Quit Smoking With 'Smoking Quit Tips' - Articles Surfing

If you are trying to quit cigarette smoking or smoking of any kind, whether it is for health reasons, to save money, or if you are just fed up with being the odd one out and having to sneak off for a crafty smoke, then you will need some 'Smoking Quit Tips' and I hope that the following 10 ways to quit smoking will help.

1) Stopping smoking is not easy as you will probably know if you have tried to quit cigarette smoking before. Firstly you must make a positive decision to quit. This may sound obvious but if you are trying to quit just to please someone else (your partner, or your family) then you have less chance of succeeding. You must really want to quit for YOURSELF.

2) Making a list of the reasons why you want to quit cigarette smoking will help you. Think of the effect that smoking is having on your health, think of the inconvenience of having to go outside or into another part of the house just to have a cigarette. Whatever you think of to put into your list keep it with you so that you have a constant reminder of why you are quitting.

3) Work out exactly what you are spending on smoking, how much does your habit cost you. What are you spending on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis? You will be surprised at just how much of your hard earned cash is just literally going up in smoke. On the positive side don't forget to think of all the nice things that you could be spending that cash on.

4) Make a note of the times that you will miss smoking the most i.e. after a meal, or at certain times of the day. This way you can be prepared and even plan to do something that will take your mind off of smoking. You could for example go for a short walk after a meal instead of having that smoke.

5) Let your family and friends know that you are going to quit cigarette smoking. It's amazing how much support you will receive, and this really helps.

6) Quit smoking one day at a time. Don't think things like 'can I really quit smoking for good' instead say to yourself 'I will not smoke today' this is a lot easier for you to take in. Then do the same thing the next day and you will be surprised how quick a week will pass.

7) If you have a friend who is also trying to quit cigarette smoking then try to do it together. Don't make it a competition but rather be there for each other for help and support.

8) When you feel the urge to smoke do something to take your mind off of the craving. Try chewing gum or nibble on some nuts or healthy snacks (not sweets) and also drink plenty of water and fruit juice.

9) Remove all temptations from around the house. Don't leave cigarette packets lying about; put all the ash-trays and anything else associated with smoking (lighters, matches, etc) away in a cupboard out of site.

10) Try to quit smoking when you know you will not be put under stress. Pick a week to start when you are on vacation or are going to be at home in a relaxed atmosphere.

These 10 ways to quit smoking are all sound and proven 'Smoking Quit Tips' they will all help you to quit cigarette smoking. But you will also need some willpower to achieve your goal. Some people who have tried and failed because of this lack of willpower have found that hypnosis has worked for them. With quit smoking hypnotherapy it gives you a really great start with a higher chance of succeeding. To find out more about quit smoking hypnotherapy just click on the link below.

Submitted by:

Mick Legg

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