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10 Ways You Can Improve Your Lifestyle ' Right Now - Articles Surfing

Let me ask you three questions. How many times have you told yourself that you are going to improve your life and end up doing nothing? How many times have you been dissatisfied with some aspects of your life and vowed to change them, only to find you have not followed through with you decisions? What is holding you back, preventing you from improving your life?

Let me give you the answer, it is lack of enthusiasm, motivation, desire, determination, willpower and discipline.

Often, especially at the beginning of a new year, you will make all kinds of promises to start making changes in your life. This also happens after reading a book or an article about someone who has attained success or transformed his or her life, the desire to improve does not last for long, and the enthusiasm quickly wanes away.

Here is another question for you, is it possible to make positive changes to your life? Yes, it is possible. However, you have to plan and follow certain strategies and act in a certain way.


1. Decide what it is you want to improve. Be specific. Sit down where you can be alone and undisturbed, and make a list of what you want to improve. Next, analyze what you have written, to find out whether you really want to achieve the items on your list. You will most probably discover that you do not really want to achieve some of the goals on your list.

2. Now write down on another piece of paper the items left on your list, which you really want to achieve, write them down in the order of their importance to you.

3. Now you need to come up with a plan on how you can make them come true. Be as practical as possible and use your common sense, intuition, imagination and creativity.

4. Read inspiring books and articles about people who have attained success in the areas where you want to improve your life. This helps with your enthusiasm and gets you motivated.

5. Visualize the improvements you want to bring about, make them as real and as true as you can. Make the mental pictures as vivid as possible and bring them alive.

6. Keep your desire, enthusiasm and motivation alive, by thinking often of how you would like your life to look. Also, think often about the benefits and advantages you will gain by improving your life.

7. Repeat affirmations. They will constantly remind you of your goals and program your sub-conscious mind to assist you in achieving your aims.

8. Do not let anyone or anything deter you from improving your life. Do not give in if there are obstacles, delays or difficulties. Be determined to do what you have decided to do, no matter how much time or effort it takes. This is the way successful people act and succeed.

9. Have faith in yourself and in your ability to improve your life, your financial condition, your habits and your behavior.

10. Be willing to open up to change. By saying you want to change your life is not enough. You need to take action, grasp opportunities, and be willing to change your habits and lifestyle.

You can improve your life on all levels, however, you need to follow a plan, keep up your enthusiasm, desire and motivation. You should not give in when confronting difficulties or obstacles.

Remember making resolutions is not enough; you need to do something about them. If you have made resolutions in the past, but have not followed them through, let me tell you it was because you were not serious enough and your desire was not strong enough. When you develop strong willpower and self-discipline, it will endow you with the power to overcome any obstacles and difficulty and make you persistent in your efforts.

Now come up with something quite small that you can do right now, such as buying a book with information about what you want to do, attending a lecture, listening to motivating CD`s, looking for courses or workshops to help you improve your ability to improve your life. Alternatively, you can take any other steps that will take you closer to achieving your goals.

It will take time and effort to improve your life. However, believe me; it is extremely worthwhile and rewarding.

Submitted by:

Lynn Claridge

Lynn Claridge is the author of "The Thinking inthe6th Phenomenon" and has apersonal development web site and a Spiritual Development that is dedicated to help people understand their inner self.



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