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3 Vital Factors In Creating What You Want

There are three factors that propel you towards better and better things. Trouble is, it�s one thing knowing them and quite another to act them out in day-to-day life.

I know how life challenges can knock your confidence and impact your overall will-power. This is why you must have a dream backed up by a real purpose to pull you through.

But is that enough?

Below I�ve listed the three key factors that will propel anyone to success. I�ve then broken them down into bite-sized pieces to give you a taster of what is in store for you, if you�re looking to make some changes.

Here are the 3 vital factors:

1. Purpose

2. Will-power

3. Confidence

How do they propel you?


If you don't have a purpose behind a dream you might give up at the first challenge. If I didn't want to take my most painful experiences and turn them into successes that others might find inspirational enough to pull themselves from heartache, I'd have given up years ago. In many ways I think I've decided to use myself as an experiment for others, picking some pretty major challenges. I'm not suggesting for a moment that you do the same, but if you're not clear on your purpose, especially if you feel stuck in a rut at work, then please start to think about changing things. Life is too precious.


A principle of success has to be will-power. When you have purpose you want to see something through. You become persistent and more consistent. Things that used to hurt or bother you no longer get in the way and often become the very reason for change. Last week I was writing a scene for a novel and needed inspiration. I looked up Martin Luther King. Now there's a man who took more than his own pain and turned the pain into victory. His I Have a Dream speech is legend and clearly shows that King had enough will-power to move things, not just for himself, but for all of the downtrodden in his era.


When you apply will-power consistently you push aside obstacles more often. When this happens your confidence naturally builds. When this happens it adds more to your original purpose. Your vision strengthens and you come alive with other ways to achieve the your outcome. The challenges get greater, confidence higher.

Can you Be Stopped?

Purpose, will-power and confidence are tools to use on your way to self-mastery. In pursuing any goal your going to have to develop self-control and self-discipline. You have to be resilient to the outside factors that stop you. Then you have to stop them.


First, become vigilant to what you do and begin to master your mind - rather than have it master you!

If it's your weight you have to remove the temptations from your home. Stop buying food that hurts your body and begin the education process to a better way of eating - such as reading books or going to lectures by experts.

If it's business success you're after, maybe your failure to-date may be to do with something you don't know enough about. Decide if your path is your purpose, have the will-power to educate yourself in the areas of business that can propel you forward and grow in confidence along the way.

Whether it�s money, romance, family or just plain fun, start to explore and you�ll find yourself propelled to better and better beginnings to the day.

Greet tomorrow with Relish. Wake up to your dream.



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