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4 Proven Tips To Stop Your Panic Attacks Now - Articles Surfing

Panic attacks leave people feeling helpless and anxiety disorders make things worse by making the same people feel they have no control over panic attacks or anxiety. That is why it is important you read the following tips for panic attack so that you can regain whatever control you may have lost due to this condition. Always remember that these tips for panic attacks are generalized while every individual is unique so you will have to think a bit before blindly following these tips for panic attack.

First, get over the feeling or attitude that you cannot "do" anything when you are having a panic attack. There is a whole range of options available for you to perform when having a panic attack that can help control the symptoms and eventually reduce the frequency. Having said that, let us move on the tips for panic attack.

Practice deep breathing in the following manner:

Breathe in slow and long and hold the breath for 5-10 seconds as long as you feel comfortable, with time your capacity will increase, and slowly breathe out. Breathe normal for a few seconds and repeat. This assures your body that there is no shortage of air or a sudden inability to breathe. Alternative deep and normal breathing is also relaxing for your chest. Similarly, you do not have to carry a paper bag around, unless you have made it a habit. Just cup your hands over your nose and mouth, and breathe deeply but slowly.

One of the most important tips for panic attack is to control your fear. Panic attacks induce many needless and baseless fears into you and you must not fall for this mental trick. Do not think of cardiac arrests, death, and doom when having panic attacks, instead focus on getting the symptoms under control. The fear of losing control is more a fear of being embarrassed at being discovered in a state of helplessness. Do not feel embarrassed.

Panic attacks induce tunnel vision and heighten certain senses. Avoid looking around, best is to close your eyes and move to a place which is well lit but does not have visual distractions or loud sounds. In fact, if you like music and find it soothing then keep your favorite piece handy and just start playing it while sitting with your eyes closed and think pleasant thoughts. Headphones are good for this as they cut off all other sounds. If you have the right space then lie down when doing this. People who find comfort in reading, writing, or even watching television or a favorite movie can use the same technique. The point is to get your mind to willingly focus on something other than whatever is going on at the time.

Human contact is indispensable for some people and if you prefer talk to someone who can understand what you are going through. Hugging someone is many degrees better than talking and provides a far greater amount of reassurance. Such contact reduces the feeling of isolation.

Avoid a stressful routine or lifestyle and lay off too much caffeine or alcohol. Panic attack is not something to be treated by having a drink. Remember that panic attacks do not mean there is any physical problem.

Submitted by:

Yap Kc

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