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5 Decision Making Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone has a different way of thinking and when you�re in charge of making decisions, it�s safe to say that there will always be someone that does not agree with you or your decision.

Most of you would like to say they you are fair in your decision making and that there are no biases or prejudices that come into play, but believe it or not, your views and beliefs can affect the way you make decisions.

It�s easy to get yourself into trouble if you let your own personal views or prejudices get in the way when making decisions. Just by being aware of this fact you will have a better perspective for making better decisions.

Your own personal view is not the only thing you need to be aware of when making decisions. When undertaking the decision making task you need to be aware of the overall outcome as it affects not only you, but others as well. Decision mistakes can lead to consequences that are often irreversible. In order to make good decisions you need to be aware of some common decision mistakes that are often made.

Here are 5 Decision Making Mistakes to Avoid

Look before you Leap- Don�t make assumptions before you have all the facts before you.

Mistaken Identity- Make sure you are solving the right problem. You may be overlooking a small problem which can lead to a bigger problems down the road. By pinpointing the real source of the problem you can focus on the decisions that need to be made.

Overconfidence- Don�t let an overconfident attitude get in the way of gathering, ignoring, or blatantly refusing to acknowledge �any concrete information that conflicts with your assumptions and opinions.

Underestimating- Don�t ignore the advice or opinions of others. Not listening to what other people have to say can be just as bad as taking advice without question.

Follow your instincts- Too much information can lead to brain overload. When your mind and body are tired it�s sometimes hard to think straight. Don�t ignore the signals your body sends you. Not listening to your feelings or gut reactions can be a huge mistake. By paying closer attention to your body you will be able to recognize clues that your body gives you during decision making moments. Being in tune with your mind, body and intuition will help you in making better decisions.

When it comes to avoiding decision mistakes, there is really no method that is 100% �fool proof. While there are many ways and techniques used when making decisions, your best bet is to make decisions that are conducive to the situation.

By pinpointing the real problem, avoiding jumping to conclusions, gathering all the needed information, and making decisions based on fact and not fiction, you will be able to make a fair and wise decision. Simple awareness of decision mistakes that can be made is the first step to improving your decision making skills.

Submitted by:

David Mc Dermott

Dr David McDermott walked away from a career as a plastic surgeon where he was helping people change on the outside. He now teaches profound personal change from the inside out. His main interest is in teaching people how to choose and achieve goals that are aligned with who they are and who they want to become. Find out more at http://www.decision-making-confidence.com/how-to-make-a-decision.html


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