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66% Improvement With This Technique

'Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.'
Mahatma Gandhi

People who achieve great things, have great focus. Their focus literally burns through everything else. When this type of focus, thought, word and deed come into harmony, there can be little doubt about the outcome.

For most of us, our mind flits. It flits from our desire, to a bunch of reasons why we can't have the desire and then onto a load of stuff we have to handle right away. Our thoughts then drift towards things that stop us having our desire then become little more than a distant wish.

How to Bring Your Dreams Closer

A while ago I took part in an experiment. A group of six wrote down their desires. Then they followed a routine that took around twenty to thirty minutes a day. Of the group four people achieved major outcomes. Two met their ideal mate and have been together ever since, one won a major contract for his business and another picked up two clients. The other two... well they fell by the wayside.

This means that 66% of the people who took part had success that improved the quality of their life. And this happened in ten days, with twenty to thirty minutes focus!

If you could have a 66% chance to increase your happiness in one area of your life, in ten days, or just 200-300 minutes, would you go for it?

I would. You see although our mind flits through over sixty two thousand thought impulses a day, only about four thousand of those are positive. The other fifty eight thousand are negative. This is why we mostly have the feeling of going nowhere fast.

Where is the great power?

The four thousand positive thoughts have massive power and if you can increase this number, just a little, on a consistent basis, miraculous things can begin to happen.

So I want you to join me, for ten days, for 20-30 minutes each day, from the comfort of your own home. I want you to get focused on one thing you want to have happen.

Here are the steps:

1. Imagine this event or thing occurring now. See it, add colour too it, add sound - what is being said? What other noises can you hear? How good do you feel? What emotions are welling up/

2. Write an affirmation and say it 20 times a day. Affirmations must be in the current moment and positive. One I use for my health and fitness is �I am slim and toned. I eat only food that provides me with life and vitality and I exercise for extra energy.� I lost 19lbs in 19 weeks while focussing on this and doing what it said!

3. Write yourself an action plan and take steps (large or small depending on what you want and when - just get consistent and take daily actions).

4. Become aware what actions are working for you and what are not. Notice when your enthusiasm dwindles. What can you do to change things and make it better?

5. Keep doing step 4 until you get the results you want.



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