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6 Tips To Manage Anger Problems Fast! - Articles Surfing

Do you find yourself increasingly frustrated with others? Is your anger causing problems in your relationships or at work? Here are 6 simple things you can do to manage anger problems fast.

1. Leave the situation for a few minutes to calm down.

Make an excuse, any excuse and just get out of the room where you are feeling angry. While you are gone try and calm down by reminding yourself that getting angry and making a scene is not going to help you in the long run. If you are really angry and feel like you are going to lose control tell the boss you feel sick and need to go home for the day. Time out from the problem, even for a few minutes can help you to stay calm and in control.

2. Change the subject.

If possible change the topic of the conversation to something else. It is fine to say "Look I am not ready to discuss that right now. I will think about it and we can talk again tomorrow" Then move on to another topic of conversation. You can do this by asking someone else a question. This way they will start talking and it will give you a break. It may be as simple as saying "What did you think of the game the other night?" Then let them talk while you clam down.

3. Do some abdominal breathing exercises.

This is a great way to reduce angry feelings. For this to be successful you need to learn and practice the breathing exercises when you are NOT angry. Then practice them each morning. If you do this and find yourself in an angry situation the exercises will be effective. But abdominal breathing will not help it you only try and learn it when you are angry or stressed. Don't take big deep breaths that can cause anxiety. Learn slow abdominal breathing, similar to that used in yoga or some meditation techniques.

4. Write down what you are angry about.

Then put it aside to look at later. Just make a quick list of the problems that are causing you to feel angry. Do not go into a lot of detail, just jot down the problems in point form. When you are finished make an agreement with yourself you will look at the list later when you have calmed down. Put the list in a safe place and then get busy doing something else. Every time your mind returns to the problems tell yourself that you have written it down, you will check it later. You can go back to the list when you are feeling calmer.

5. Phone a friend.

Talk about something OTHER than what is bothering you. If you start talking about the situation you are angry about you will keep feeling angry. Get your friend to talk about a completely different topic. Talk about something funny or another interest you share. A ten minute conversation with a friend on another topic can help you calm down.

6. Take a good brisk walk for 10 minutes.

A brisk walk will help your body to use up the extra adrenaline that is created by angry feelings. Adrenaline pumps you up for a fight and makes your heart and breathing rate increase. You need to use it up in a healthy way to help the anger problem reduce fast. If you are at work go and run up and down a flight of stairs, or go into the bathroom and do some quick jumps, punches, jogging on the spot. It only takes a few minutes but it will help you to calm down from those angry feelings.

Anger problems are increasing and for many people they are causing harm to their relationships, jobs and career prospect. Learning some basic anger management techniques can help you to get back on track and be in control of your anger, instead of it controlling you.

Submitted by:

Kate Hardy

Kate Hardy is a health professional who enjoys working with angry adults and teens. FAST Online Anger Management Classes. Guaranteed. Immediate Start! FREE anger Management articles



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