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7 Tips To Stop You Blushing

The most extreme of the different ways to stop blushing is surgery but there are plenty of other, more natural, ways that you can stop your embarrassment showing through as a red face.

1. Don't fight your blushing

It's said that whatever you focus on, you get. So if you are concentrating on your blushing, chances are you'll get more of it. So if you feel yourself starting to blush, go with it for the moment. Some of the other techniques discussed below will help you to overcome your reaction but the main thing to do initially is just live with it. Being embarrassed by your blushing will only make it worse. So when the worst happens, chill. Go with it. Accept it.

2. Remember to breathe

Take several deep breaths in (and out, of course) when you find yourself starting to blush. Deep breathing is a natural way to calm yourself. That's right, your mother was right when she told you to take a deep breath when you were upset as a child. That said, remembering to breathe consciously isn't something we're particularly good at. So practice deep breathing when you get a chance. Then it will be easier when you need to breathe deeply the next time. Your heart beat rate willget lower naturally and your red face should lessen as well.

3. Learn to relax

Anything that helps you to relax is good here. Whether it's taking time out to listen to your favorite song, listening to purpose made relaxation CDs, practicing yoga or meditation or listening to a hypnosis track. Deep">All of these methods will help you to reduce your blushing or even stop it completely. Different people work in different ways, so experiment until you find the best way for you.

4. Keep a diary

It sounds old fashioned, but when you start to keep a note of when you blush, you'll start to see common triggers that bring out your blushing. Once you've identified one or more of these triggers, you can take the appropriate steps. Either by avoiding the trigger altogether or by changing the way you think and therefore the way you react to the thing that is causing you to blush uncontrollably. As in the previousp, you may well find that hypnosis is a good cure for this as it has a habit of getting to the root cause of problems.

5. Improve your self esteem

We often blush when we're not happy with ourselves. This is called our self esteem. If you hold yourself in low regard, you're opening yourself up for problems such as blushing. Whether it's that you don't like your boy or girl friend to see you without clothes on or there is something about your appearance that's making you unhappy or anything else that's causing you to hold yourself in low esteem. It doesn't matter - it just means you need to do something about it! Start by not beating yourself up about whatever it is that is causing your low self esteem. Then get a hypnosis or other program to help you work on it so that it becomes less of a problem over time.

Submitted by:

Trevor Johnson

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