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8 Tips On How To Stop Blushing

Why do people blush, and is it something they can control? People blush because it's caused by their natural mentality, one which tells them that a particular occurrence is embarrassing. So, why would a person be embarrassed? Because of many reasons, mostly those related to criticism, rejection, anticipation, social anxiety, low self-esteem and self-perceived inadequacy.

A person who tends to blush easily may show social withdrawal, because going in red in the face for the slightest thing is something they want to avoid. Other signs of how blushing can affect a person's life are:

* Extreme sensitivity to rejection or criticism
* Voluntary social isolation
* Withdrawn under social circumstances, but longs for closer relationships
* Has emotional intimacy issues
* Inadequacy feelings
* Reduced self-esteem
* Suspicious and paranoid
* Timid and shy
* Very self-conscious
* Self-critical
* Has issues with workplace functions
* Self-perceived loneliness
* Inferiority complex
* Chronic substance abuse

Blushing is something that's hard to control, especially if you have a lot of other self-related issues. Here are a few tried-and-tested methods on how to stop blushing.

1) Relax. Tension increases blushing The moment you feel yourself start to blush, instantly relax every muscle in your body. You can�t completely control your face from going all tomato-ish, but relaxing will help reduce it.

2) Accept it. While some conversation is going on, you blush, make little of it, if any at all. Simply say �I blush easily� and brush it off and the likelihood of anyone teasing you about it will be very less.

3) Don't feel embarrassed about blushing, there's no need to be. Admit it to yourself and let it pass. Develop confidence and tell yourself it's no big deal, and the chances are, it won't be.

4) If public speaking makes you blush, think how other people see you. The probability is they see you as a courageous and confident person, just because you stood up to speak. So, there's nothing embarrassing about that, is there? There's really nothing to blush about.

5) Apply a thin film of oil-free moisturizer on your face. This'll keep the skin cool if your skin burns when you blush. Don't try to cover the blushing with make-up, that just doesn't work. To cover the reddening, you'll probably need half a rouge container, which will be grossly overdoing it.

6) Try to stay near an air-conditioner when you are at social gatherings. The cooling air tends to lessen the reddening. Also, if you keep a damp cloth (even babywipes will work) you can wipe your face with it as soon as you feel a blush coming.

7) Interact with people more often. Since blushing is a sure sign of less confidence, improving your self-confidence will take you a long way towards developing an immunity to blushing.

8) Don't be a quitter, keep practicing. Nothing comes easy and quitting because you can't do it will never solve your problem. Stop being too hard on yourself, because quitting habits is not an easy thing to do.

Submitted by:

Trevor Johnson

Find out how to cure your blushing with these tips on how to stop blushing.


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