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Bubble bathing is foam-like in nature and produced via the use of a surfactant in water that is agitated from a drop of water from your faucet to your bathtub. The history of this bubbly bathing started as a cleaning habit. Now, it is a source of relaxation and therapy for different kinds of illnesses.

DESCRIPTION: Bubble bathing is foam-like in nature and produced via the use of a surfactant in water that is agitated from a drop of water from your faucet to your bathtub. The history of this bubbly bathing started as a cleaning habit. Now, it is a source of relaxation and therapy for different kinds of illnesses.

BODY: Bubble bath is indicated as a term used in order to describe carbonated or aerated baths. This is also similar to bathing with layers of surfactant foam on the water's surface. Plus, it is the so-called 'surfactant product' that produces the foamy feature.

Bubble baths have become a popular trend in personal bathing. Many adore the feel of bubbles on their skin as they bathe for not less than 30 minutes. Another reason why people can stay long inside a tub full of bubbles is that the bubbles can shield you from the cold water, making it warm for a longer time. Before the advent of the so-called bubble bath machine, creating bubbles started with merely a bar of soap. The soap, along with a lot of effort is given in order to make your bathtub foamy.

A bar of soap is used as a surfactant and it is the first material used in foaming a bathtub. The bubbles actually come from the salt of the fatty acid ingredients commonly found in and used for washing and cleaning.

Recently, they've discovered that making the bar of soap in a flakey form would enable it to easily dissolve in water. After this, soap was developed in liquid form and they even started to come up with adding aroma to the usual bubble bath. Subsequent to this, it was followed by a so-called 'bath bomb' or a small pellet that is labeled as 'bath fizzies'. It basically works when it is placed in water. Then, it will dissolve moderately and produce a tiny gas bubble. Thus, the last ingredient would be the bath salt, which is a water soluble component that is made up of inorganic substances that are believed to have the capability to improve your cleaning habit as well provide a therapeutic effect.

Bubble bathing have a regarded medical purpose as well. For instance, the previously formulated 'Zotofoam Bath', which was first observed in 1969, is regarded as a treatment measure for people who are diagnosed obese. The procedure is to have the patient soak himself in hot water (with a temperature of about 103-108 Fahrenheit) and have a bubble bath solution that can insulate the warmness of the water. Plus, a gas distributor underneath the tub is necessary. This procedure will help the patient increase his metabolic rate. In effect, a burning of calories is achieved.

Hence, this old procedure has been modernized by Science and these days, there's already a place where in you can be locked inside a tight room or cabin in order to have 'steam bathing'. This new process no longer needs to soak the patient in water so as to reduce their body fats. Through steam bathing, they will perspire even when they are in a relaxation mode due to the steam generator that produces enough heat to stimulate perspiration.

These days, bubble bathing is no longer used for cleansing purposes only. This is because there are already some products that can make you feel and look good after bathing. This would include the following:

' Whitening foam bath usually with scrubbing beads
' Slimming bubble bath that has a mint feeling and burns fat
' Shimmering foam bath that has different colors and scents that produce a bubbly feeling of paradise.
' A fruit-smelling bubble bath that possesses essential oils, which is capable of moisturizing and softening your skin

At current, bubble baths are not just for adults, kids and even babies are now included as the target market of bubble bath manufacturers. This is the reason why there are hypoallergenic, none irritating to eyes and gentle to the skin varieties already. Due to this, kids will no longer resist the essentiality of taking a bath. Aside from enjoying a soothing soak in water with bubbles around your kids, they can also play with their rubber ducks, balls or other character-based water proof toys.

Although not all people can afford to have a bath tub inside their homes, you can still do some improvising and make use of bubbles while you take a shower. Others, can still experience having bubble baths by going to saunas and spas. Business minded individuals came up with this idea in order to target the part of the population that cannot afford to have a bath tub at home. Thus, having a bubble bath is a great inexpensive way to experience pleasure and relaxation, especially for people who have a stressful working environment.

Thus, you can now create your own bubble bath at home. You only need to purchase the ingredients at a health store or supermarket. This is also the reason why it's important to purchase the type that can go with any sensitivity your skin may have. You can also choose the aroma or scent that you prefer.

In making your own bubble bath, the solution should contain some essential oils. This is actually the main ingredient because it adds soothing scent you need in order to achieve relaxation. A good example would be the almond oil which is usually unscented. There is also the coconut oil that has a floral scent, good for softening the skin. Lastly an advantage of knowing how to make a home made bubble bath is that it can pose as a practical way to save. Aside from this, you can also make a bubble bath solution and give it as a type of present. You can also customize the design of the container, depending on the occasion.

Submitted by:

David H. Urmann

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