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Most people are generous. Some people are really stingy. Some give when they feel obliged or when they are anticipating a reward. Giving and receiving in the realm of the real world and spiritual world are defined differently.

Spiritually we have an account. We increase it by giving love, understanding and helping others with their lives. Receiving in this case is automatic. What you receive is the blessings that are directly proportional to what you have given. It is your spiritual bank account. When you stray away from what is right such as some transgression on others, you withdraw from that account.

I believe that with most of us this is an easy concept to understand. We live in an abundant universe. There is no lack of anything in this world. The only lack is one that you perceive. What is wonderful is that we can change what we want in our world and we can fill our 'account' everyday by just using our words and actions to increase our positive balance.

What holds more attention is the physical giving of money, instruction or time. When one gives to a charity, you would believe it is because they are doing something worthwhile that would bring some positive results for the unfortunate or those encumbered by health or poverty type of circumstances.

It is the intention behind giving and receiving when things go astray. I usually say if you want to give do it because you are feeling that way. If you are giving from your heart, receiving is automatic. If you are giving with the intent to receive a personal reward or benefit, then you are giving for the wrong reason.

One time I was doing some online dating. I talked to a lady who lived in Hawaii. She seemed very nice and respectable. One day we were talking and she mentioned that her son was getting married. I asked her when it was and where it would take place. The wedding was to take place in Mexico. So I thought it would be nice for her to stop by my house. She said that she most likely may not go since she did not have the money to go there.

I know what you are thinking! Okay here comes the rip off. Save your judgments and read the rest of the story. I asked her what would it take to get you down there, she said it would cost about eight hundred dollars round trip. I told her at that point that a mother should be there when her son is getting married. It is one of those events that you should not miss. I offered to pay for her plane fare and actually purchased the tickets for her to go. I did this from the heart.

She arrived here is Los Angeles and stayed with me and my son for two days, before resuming her trip to her son's wedding in Mexico. The days that I spent with her I enjoyed immensely. A few days later I had heard from her and she wanted me to come to Hawaii and spend some time with her. A few days before I was to leave, she had a terrible accident at work and severely hurt her back. I told her that I will still come to see her and spend some time.

When I arrived she was in terrible shape. I almost did not recognize her. I helped her and got groceries and did some things around her house. She was very upset that she was so injured that she could not tour the island with me as she had planned. I assured her that I will entertain myself when I was not with her, which I did. There was something that I wasn't saying and that was she looked so very different that I had a queasy feeling something else was not right, but I shook it off. I did get to spend a lot of time with her and enjoyed being and meeting her family members.

I return back to my life and she started to recover from her injuries about 6 weeks later. She was starting to go back to work and wanted me to eventually come back to Hawaii. She went to the doctor as she was not feeling well and got some tests, the doctor informed her that she has a malignant cancer that has already spread throughout her body and she had very little time to live.

She went to her sisters for the hospice and died. You see I gave her the memory of her son's wedding. The time that she spent with me and her son, she had told me was the best time of her life. She had danced at his wedding and was happy. This woman had two biological children and 4 adopted children. She dedicated her life to them.

I passed on my blessing in the form of money, time and companionship during her last days. I had no expectation of reward, but what I received was the gift of joy, knowing that in some way, I contributed to her happiness. That was a reward within a tragedy. I still grieve a little from time to time and miss her. I don't even remember her name only her smiling face and playful spirit for that I am thankful.
It still hurts to tell this story.

You see my intent was to help. At that time I was in position to give and was not obligated, I could have dropped the relationship as soon as money came up but I decided to bless her and in turn my life was blessed. It was my intent, to give from the heart and not from some other place expecting some benefit. When one gives the receiving is automatic.

I am not always in the position to give. Sometimes it just isn't possible. The only option is to do better in life, so that you are. My giving is through these writings, I receive no financial reward at all. I believe by sharing my stories that it may help someone to do better, to have a better vision of themselves and somehow that they will get blessed, I have been.

You don't know what your giving will do. If you heart is in the right place and you feel that it is a good thing to give, then by all means do so. It is not the amount of money or time that you give, it is the intent. Giving is a form of passing on blessings, whether to your church, charity or cause. The receiving is always automatic.

Submitted by:

John Tebar

John Tebar Certified Life Coach, Author and Entrepreneur sign up for ezine and future events at http://holisticlifeplanningandresearch.com



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