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The 7 Steps to Create Powerful Abundance Affirmations

The use of abundance affirmations will greatly increase your success in the future. An affirmation is a goal that is worded in such a way as if it has happened already, in the present and with positive wording, like this.

"I have a great loving and caring relationship with my daughters".

There are 7 steps to Create Powerful Affirmations

1. The words I am or I have are two of the most effective words to use when you are making your affirmation. These words will work with your subconscious mind and your mind will make your affirmation come true.

2. Always use the present tense; I have heard Dr. Waitley say that your mind does not know the difference between something that has actually happened or some thing that you have told your self. Your mind will create whatever you tell it, so make your statement in the present as if it has already happened.

3. Make your affirmations to your self and about your self. Your statement needs to describe your feelings, your goals and it does not rely on what any one else is doing or feeling. If you make your statement in a way that relies on some one else to do any thing then you are leaving your self with a out or an excuse why your affirmations did not work.

4. Your statement must be worded in a positive way, what you want, not what you don't want. What do you think of? When I say:

"Don't think about a pink elephant"

I will bet you automatically thought of a pink elephant, this is the way your mind works. So if your affirmation is worded negatively your mind will think of the negative and you will not achieve your goal.

5. Use the wording of more, before, something better. This leaves you the opportunity for you to accomplish your goals sooner than you would think. Like this for example:

"I earn over $10,000.00 per month in passive income before Dec. 31 20xx"

6. Use emotion in your affirmation, something you really want to achieve, something that means a lot to you. This will make your mind work even harder and faster for you to achieve your goals and dreams.

7. Keep your statement short and to the point. Keeping your affirmation short will make it easy for you to remember and if your statement is unclear you will get unclear results.

Say your affirmations out loud if you are able to or just word them as you read them this will help imprint the affirmations in your mind. If your affirmations are something that you are willing to share with someone who supports you, then you can put them on sticky notes around your house or office so you see them more often. I heard from a speaker once who said he used colored sticky dots that he placed on the mirror, on the fridge, in his car or wherever you see them often, when ever he saw them they would remind him of his affirmations.

I would suggest you read your affirmations at least twice or even three times a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night so your mind will work on manifesting ways to achieve your goals. Once more during the day would even be better. I have an affirmation as a screen saver on my computer, this works well.

Affirmations are very simple to use, this may be why some people do not use them, they feel that some thing this simple could not work. I know they do work; I have used them for along time and have had great results. If you have not tried to use affirmations give them a try and see what kind of results you get.

Submitted by:

Lee Stuckey

Lee Stuckey is the owner of http://Key2Wealth.net, he writes on a variety of subjects concerning the 4 Pillars of Wealth. To learn more about this topic Lee recommends you visit: http://www.key2wealth.net



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