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Achieving Your Goals: Create Your Own Goal Collage

People are motivated in different ways and we have different reasons why we do what we do. One thing for sure is that when you find a reason �why� you are doing something then your chances for success long term is greatly increased. For those that are visually orientated then one sure fire way to get your big enough �why� is to create a goal collage. Now some of you probably have already come across this concept others will be trying to think back to primary school when you last came across a collage. But the basis is the same, by putting a collection of your goals in visual format you will more readily be exposed to it on a daily basis and this will give you the �why� that will keep you motivated.

The reason is that for visually senstitive people, you will be able to see a picture of your goal that you want to attain and attach the emotional imprint in your mind about that goal. Often we find that what you focus on will determine the results you get, so by having this goal collage placed in a prominent position that you will see everyday it will prompt you for ideas and opportunities to enable you to get your goal sooner.

To create a goal collage is a relatively simple matter. What you first need to know is all the goals you want to attain in your life. It could be anything from your dream home, sports cars to pictures of your holiday destinations and the like. It really is up to your imagination and what you want out of your life.

Once you have your goals you simply start to search out pictures that best represent the goal for you. You can find them from magazines, online or through other publications. Cut them out and paste them onto a black cardboard. Then it's simply a matter of putting it someone that you can see.

This is such an easy and fun way to keep you focused on your goals and even the act of constantly looking for pictures to add to your collage is beneficial in the sense that your goals are focused in your consciousness.

Over time you will find that you will actually start to turn these goals into reality as you have a prominent sign post staring at you. When that happens it's simply a matter of finding new goals and therefore pictures to paste over the completed goals.

If you aren't sure whether this will work for you why not at least give it a go. What have you got to lose. If anything it's a great diversion to your routine and a chance to spend some time focusing on your goals.

Submitted by:

Terence Young

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