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Alcoholism in a Teenager - What Help is Available? - Articles Surfing

Alcoholism in teenagers is a rising problem that is affecting the younger generation, the world over, in the modern times. More and more teenagers indulge in drinking for fun and sometimes to deal with their personal problems, depression and anxieties in life. The pain and hurt that a teenager feels, when he or she is desperate and helpless in dealing with various problems, which occur in family and relationships result in he or she indulging in 'drinking'. The effect of alcohol on teenagers is devastating and the brain chemistry of the teenagers is altered by alcohol.

Some teenagers drink for fun, then they indulge in persistent use of alcohol and become alcoholics. They consider it an enjoyment to drink and it provides them with an element of excitement and adventure. Alcoholism in teenager is rampant, since they consider the normal life boring. Teenage is the period of life, when youngsters are vulnerable to new emotions, situations and new experiences. Sometimes a little desperation, helplessness and rejection can throw them off-balance. So they find 'drinking', to be a temporary relief in life.

Peer pressure is also one of the reasons for the occurrence of alcoholism in teenager. Youngsters of today, drink sometimes to gel with their peers, who engage in the habit. To fit into a gang of people, who drink, teenagers drink. Teenagers become addicted to alcohol more than adults. The region of brain, which controls impulses and motivation, is not fully grown in a teenager. This results, in them, becoming addicted to 'drinks' easily than the adults.

The adults generally encounter four stages of alcoholism and it takes them, years to gradually and progressively reach the degenerative stage. Adult alcoholics reach the final stage of deterioration, which is characterized by delirium, tremors and blackouts, in the course of a few years. Teenagers, who go on a binge drinking spree, very often, reach this stage, in less than one year. Alcoholism in teenagers is the recipe for disaster!

Parents play a significant part in countering alcoholism in teenager. They must assume the responsibility of treating and rehabilitating their teenage children, who have drinking problems. Teenagers, under the influence of alcohol, sometimes do irreparable damage to the family, friends and the society. This can be curbed only by a responsible parent's monitoring. Monitoring the teenagers for the symptoms of alcoholism, if their actions are dubious is a wise thing to counter serious repercussions that occur in future.

The Slurred speech and alcohol related fights or brawls are warning signs and parents should not shrug it off as 'normal behavior' of an adolescent or a teenager. Teenagers tend to experiment with new things like alcohol but if this trend continues, then parents have to monitor strictly. The peer group and the places they hang out with, feature an important role in any teenager's life. Checking the hang outs and details of friends can help parents immensely. Disheveled physical appearance of the teenager and persistent bloodshot eyes are other symptoms that can be detected easily.

Youth of any country are vital for a better world tomorrow. So protecting the teenagers from indulging in anti-social and unhealthy practices is the responsibility of everyone. The reasons for teenagers indulging in 'drinking' has to be understood and appropriate measures have to be ensured to help them, deal with the situations. Stress is a primary factor that triggers the teenagers to find a temporary relief. Academic and social pressure to perform well leads to depression and loneliness. This in turn results in substance and alcohol abuse. Proper counseling can help the children to counter this problem and improve their self confidence.

Submitted by:

Graham Timson

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