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Alcoholism Physical Symptom: Do You Know What it Looks Like?

There are several reasons why people start drinking alcohol. Some drink for fun, some treat it as a stress buster, some like the after effects of it and some drink alcohol to forget their problems. Basically, drinking alcohol is not a bad thing but if a person starts drinking it on a large scale then it could be the problem for him/her. Suppose, if you drink one or two drinks per day of once in two days then it is fine, but if you start consuming more than 3 to 4 drinks a day, it could be a serious problem in future to your mind as well as to your health. There are many alcoholism physical symptoms that you can see in a person who is alcoholic.

According to the studies, around 15 percent of those people who consume alcohol become alcoholic after some time. The studies say that if a person drinks alcohol even in the limited quantity, after some time he/she will become alcoholic as a person's body becomes addicted to it and will demand more alcohol every time. In order to avoid this condition the persons needs to drink in small quantity and in the gap of at least two to three days. Still, if you check whether you are an alcoholic or not, here are few alcoholism physical symptoms that you can look in yourself.

Instant Alcoholism Physical Symptoms

As a name suggests, these symptoms can be seen instantly after drinking few drinks. Like:

* After one to seven glasses of alcohol you could feel warmer as it dilates the blood vessels.

* Constant pain in several body parts. This pain can start even after the first drink and increases as you proceed with your drinks.

* You could feel problem in identifying the taste and smell of any think or you vision can also become blurred. The more amount of alcohol you consume the more you feel difficulty in tasting, smelling and visualizing.

* You could also start forgetting things as alcohol also affects the memory of the person.

* There could also be a reduction in the speed and the coordination of eyes and the hands.

* Sometimes you can also start shivering.

Symptoms after five to 14 glasses of alcohol:

* First of all, the above mentioned symptoms will become even worse and some new symptoms also add.
* You face can become swollen and the skin can become red.
* Usually, Nausea and vomiting occur.
* Vision could become more blur as pupils will dilate making vision even more unclear.

Physical symptoms after nine to nineteen glasses of alcohol

* You cloud completely lose the control over your actions and your talks.
* If you keep on drinking more than15 glasses on daily basis, you can become a victim of coma, heart attack, lack of breathing or even death.

In several cases, these instant physical symptoms can happen if someone is used to of drinking alcohol or not. For example, if a person has never tasted an alcohol in his/her life may experience these instant symptoms even after the first sip of alcohol. However, for the first timers or occasion drinkers, these symptoms will not last long or will not become a long term problem.

Submitted by:

Graham Timson

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