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When this country was founded, even the most progressive thinking people did not vision running water and electricity in each home. They could not visualize television, automobiles, airplanes, or the space shuttle hauling parts to build a space station. Only a few years ago the personal computer was not even thought of, and the Internet could not have been envisioned as it is today. Looking back just fifty years one could not have given a realistic evaluation of many common place items in use today. Yet in the next fifty years, our nation will experience a complete and through transformation.

Technology is developing faster than we can keep up. As one generation begins to fade away the births of their technology has accelerated knowledge well beyond their comprehension. The next generation uses the previous generation as a spring board to gain even greater heights.

This information explosion is splitting the population into segments. The very well informed who understand and use current technology, the not so informed who get by using current technology in a limited capacity and the many who can't keep up with current technology at all. This rift in our society is causing some to get very powerful while others concede to the status quo.

What do you think? Can we keep up or will we fall to our own doings?

There are various reasons for activating change. However, the foundation of each step on the path to better living was and is built on a firm belief in the system. It is a firm; deep-seated conviction in the belief that nothing is impossible for a society that challenges possibilities and forges its' own destiny. The possibility of flight brought about the challenge of accomplishment. The invention of the automobile brought about a whole network of highways to accommodate them. The challenge was immense but the possibility was inviting to those who rose the occasion.

One barrier was challenged over and over until it was finally overcome. The sound barrier proved to be a insurmountable challenge for hundreds of people yet, through belief and determination even it was overcome. Even the sky is no longer the limit because man has ventured into the heavens seeking answers to his origin. The quest of man is a powerful driving force that spears the mind to awe-inspiring heights. None of these and thousands of other challenges could have been accomplished without team effort. It takes a multi mind team effort to accomplish the improbable and set standards of accomplishment.

The team may see the universe as being within its grasp but here on earth, the individual flounders, why? Relationships, work ethic, morals, values, people have strayed from the belief in there own significance. They have taken the easy road, the road to self-indulgence and self-satisfaction. They look for the effortless path to wealth and happiness. They dream the impossible dream because impossible has crept into their minds and clouded their rationale. Determination has given way to limitation and the mind retreats to hopelessness in its self absorbed state.

The many concepts that bring the future into reality are spurred by inquisitive minds, healthy minds, full of willingness and vitality. The seekers, visionaries, doers and shakers of this generation. Looking">All revolutionary techniques or discoveries that provided a basis for modern life are possible in infinity. The concepts are only to be discovered by an inquisitive mind. It is the seeker that brings dreams into reality. What is a discovery but an expression of its initiator? The producers of our present day technology may have been called 'dreamers,' by many of their contemporaries but today it's their technology that drives the wheels of a nation.

Anything is possible to the believer ' if he/she is also a 'doer'. For through belief comes faith and it is faith in oneself that motivates the mind into completion. Setting in a rocking chair conjuring scenes of future greatness may be enjoyable and relaxing, but it will never get the job done. It takes cold, hard-organized effort to create results.

Submitted by:

Donald Yates

Donald Yates is an accomplished public speaker and writer who is new to Internet marketing. Donald lives in East Tennessee with his wife of forty-six years, one granddaughter and their four dogs. To learn more, visit http://www.clean4profit.com http://www.rockeriders.com



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