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Are You Allowing Your Success To Happen?

Last time, I had discussed how your friends and family may be holding you back from achieving the success you want and deserve. But as I mentioned, that's only one half of the equation. The other half involves "allowing" success and prosperity to happen for you. There is a fundamental and critical difference between asking and receiving.

If you have done your part in asking, that is, focusing your thoughts and energy towards that which empowers you then your source energy begins to attract toward you the opportunities and circumstances which move you closer toward manifesting your dreams and ambitions. The more time you spend focusing your thoughts the faster and closer you move toward manifesting your dreams and ambitions. This principle is know as the Law Of Attraction.

But more often than not what ends up happening is that you still don't begin manifesting the reality and success you want. You' ve identified your desire and began raising yourself to that level through your feelings and emotions but yet it doesn't end up manifesting into reality for you. When that happpens you naturally begin to question if the Law of Attraction works for you. Be rest assured it does. So what's happening then?

What's happening is that you haven't yet allowed it. By allowing I'm talking about removing all resistance toward receiving. Resistance usually comes in the form of doubt or worry. You can validate this yourself by just thinking about all those times that you really and truly wanted something to happen in your life but then began second guessing yourself or wondering about everything that might go wrong. Some of the things you may be saying to yourself might be:

Is it too good to be true?

Am I worthy?

Can it really happen for me?

What if something goes wrong?

Is this going to harm me in some way?

You get the picture.

When you begin doubting immediately start reminding yourself that you are capable of attaining and receiving anything you ask for. If others can achieve it so can you. But only if it is what you really want and are passionate and determined enough to want. Otherwise, you wouldn't have asked for it or wanted it to begin with! Believe in yourself and all doubt and worry will be erased. Remove all doubt and worry and you surely will receive.

To your prosperity,

Mike Manjin

Submitted by:

Mike Manjin

Mike Manjin presents advice on self improvement and personal fullfillment. To discover more about powerful success principles please visit http://www.lifeprosper.com or for more information email him at


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