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Are You Making These Common Law Of Attraction Mistakes?

The law of attraction is all about vibrations or vibes. Vibes are more than just thoughts. They are moods and feelings. The vibrations that you send out, which are generated by your internal moods and feelings, are only one of two things. They are either positive or they are negative on which the law of attraction is always responding. It responds and matches what you are giving out. You don�t consciously have to create a vibration, in fact most of us are vibrating at an unconscious level. Everything we are attracting is a direct result of the vibrations that we are feeling and sending out. What you�re getting is what you�re vibrating.

There are some common thoughts and vibrations that people are experiencing. They are spoken in some common phrases that we are going to examine here. First of all, we need to ask ourselves if these phrases are really so true. So here they are;

1. �It was meant to be� � Lot�s of people will use this expression when something shows up in their experience that is different than what they thought it should be. They will say things like �well if it was meant to be it will be� or �it must not have been meant to be for me to have it�. The reason that things may not match happen is that they weren�t a match to your individual vibration. The law of attraction doesn�t make any logical choice, it only response to vibration. It doesn�t know whether something is meant to be ore not. It cannot decide if something is good for you or bad for you. So instead of saying that something wasn�t meant to be, it may be more wise to say �I have not yet aligned my vibration with what I want.�

2. �The Universe/Superconscious is teaching me a lesson� � The universe is not in the business of teaching anyone a lesson or punishing people. The Universe or the law of attraction does only one thing and that is matching vibration. If you�re attracting something, then you must have vibrated it. It�s not about teaching someone a lesson, but it�s about attraction.

There are other phrases that people use all the time such as �that�s what the universe wanted me to have� or �it�s in God�s hands�, or �it showed up in threes so it must be meant to be�. Again, it�s about self-empowerment and realizing that we are the creator of our own reality. We create our reality through our vibrations. One of the main points about learning the law of attraction is realizing that you�re not just some passive human being that is just having to take whatever is thrust upon you. Instead, it�s about understanding how your mind and feelings work to attract those things to you that you are now experiencing in life. How do you know if you�re mastering the art of deliberate creation and harnessing the law of attraction? One excellent primer I recommend is the book The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel. You can find this book at any major book store. Once you understand how the law of attraction works, you can begin to harness more of the wonderful things you do want in your own life.

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