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Are You Mentally Prepared To Quit Smoking?

Through">All smokers have one thing in common - they want to quit smoking. It doesn't matter how old or young they might be. It doesn't matter what color they are. Deep down inside all smokers hate smoking. They feel trapped by the habit and would gladly quit smoking if they knew a way out that would work. Nicotine addiction kinda creeps up on you. By the time you realize that you have a problem it's already too late to simply just stop smoking - you've now developed a nicotine dependency both in your body and in your mind. The aim of this article is to help you realize where your addiction really stems from and how to deal with it more effectively.

We need to take a moment before we continue to clarify a few points. The first of these is that we smoke by choice - each and every day. There's no gun held to our heads - we light up each cigarette and smoke it of our own free will. Exercising our free will in making this choice then allows us to develop the habit of smoking. The more often we indulge in this "habit" the more difficult it becomes to break away from - or so we're told by the media. The truth is that we've taught our brains to depend on nicotine and to reward us with "feel good chemicals" when we smoke.

The second issue is to realize a very simple truth that most people can't or won't understand. Smoking is psychological in nature - almost 100 psychological in fact. Now I know there are many smokers reading that statement and are shaking their heads in disbelief and anger. After all you've been repeatedly told that smoking is massively addictive - almost as bad as cocaine and heroin for example. This simply isn't so. It does help major corporations to sell you lots of tablets and patches to help you quit smoking however. Once you've developed the mindset of a smoker your body then becomes dependent on nicotine because your mind tells it to. That's where your withdrawal symptoms are generated and that's where the root of the problem lies - in your own mind. To smoke is a choice we make. Conversely we can also choose not to smoke and educate our minds to accept this.

So where does this magical quit smoking mindset come from? Does it take weeks to learn? Are there any special books or courses you need? The time it took you to read this sentence is the same amount of time it takes to develop a quitters mindset. The key is to want to quit for yourself. Once you develop the absolute desire to quit smoking for your own wellbeing then you can succeed. If you're pressured into quitting by friends or family then it makes quitting 100% more difficult. The choice to quit and change your life must come from within you. You have to make this choice. Once you choose to change you can quit without cravings and without painful withdrawal symptoms.

Here endeth the lesson. Are you ready to make the choice to change your own life? It takes years to develop a habit but you can break that same habit in just a few moments. Try it. What have you got to lose?

Submitted by:

Niall Roche

To quit smoking effectively you need as much information as you can get your hands on. Learn more here: http://www.quittersguide.com


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