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Are You Scared Of Needles?

Trypanophobia or aichmophobia is the fear of injections. This phobia is as common as the fear of flying. Every year more and more people are added to the list that suffers from the fear of injections. They go through needless distress due to their fear of injections. This phobia can impact a person�s life very significantly. It causes panic and anxiety attacks. It displays a wide range of symptoms like shortness of breath or rapid breathing or irregular heartbeat or seating or nausea or an uneasy feeling of dread. Every patient displays different symptoms. Living with this kind of phobia basically means living in fear all the time. It can often disturb your work or family life. It could also mean ruling out several destinations as vacation trips.

Fear of injections:

The fear of injections also involves the fear of needles. This is a common phobia. At least 5% of a nation�s population suffers from this phobia. That is why so many people skip regular visits to their doctors; they rather not visit a doctor than visit and have to take an injection. People are often just scared by the sight of a needle. Many people not only get panic attacks but faint at the sight of a needle. The intensity of the fear of injections or the fear of needles differs from person to persons. In some cases they are specific, for example some people are on line scared of dental injections while some are scared of injections in general.

Can you overcome the fear or injections or the fear of needles and How?

Yes it is possible to overcome the fear of injections and the fear of needles. There are several ways to overcome this particular fear. Your doctors or therapists can help. Many doctors find the need of exposing patients suffering from this fear to their fears themselves. They show them needles and stuff. I think this totally uncalled for. It doesn�t seem like a great way of helping them get over their fear. It is not required. This fear can be treated in 24hrs, if the patient pays close attention. The best ways of dealing with phobias is hypnosis. Why? Hypnosis is the art of dealing with the unconscious mind. People">All our phobias begin in our mind. If we can conquer our unconscious mind of any fear, we can be sure that our conscious mind will be able to fight fear as well. All fear stems from our unconscious mind. You do not need to visit a hypnotist. You just need to download hypnosis MP3s and it will tell you all you need to know and do. You can sit at home, go through the session and rid your self of this fear. The hypnosis treatment is so powerful that in just an hour you will find your self all calm and cool. Hypnosis is really a great way to treat most phobias or medical disorders. You will be confident enough to go and get the shots or injections you need. You will find that trips to the doctor will no longer seem painful or worth any anxiety or panic attacks.

Submitted by:

Shanat Kuphur

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