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Are Your Thoughts Right For You?

Do you spend a lot of time choosing what is and isn�t right for you? Whether it�s your clothes, job, mate, friends, kids, hobbies, diet or exercise you can expend a lot of energy trying to make the right choices life choices. Yet, how much effort do you devote to choosing what really rules your world and shapes your reality � your thoughts?

Most people either aren�t aware of their thoughts or allow their thoughts to have free rein, which usually shows up as worrying about what you don�t want or what�s not right for you. What do you think about? Consider that your thoughts become beliefs, beliefs become actions and actions become your reality. Would it be worth your while to spend even a little bit more time choosing the thoughts that are right for you?

Here are five simple steps you can take to make sure your thoughts are right for you:

1.Don�t worry about whether your thoughts are negative or positive. A lot of energy is wasted on trying to think positive to overcome negative thoughts, which only gives power to the thoughts that aren�t right for you in the first place.

2.Don�t resist your thoughts. Another source of wasted energy is resisting undesired thoughts. What you resist persists and resisting undesired thoughts will only magnify them.

3.Realize that nothing is permanent especially your thoughts. Try observing your thoughts rather than reacting to them. This will free you from your thoughts and in turn open you up to the possibility of creating new thoughts.

4.Stop and listen to your thoughts and write them down. Writing down your thoughts will give you insight into what your current thoughts are. This allows you to detach from your thoughts and objectively consider whether or not they are right for you.

5.Ask yourself what you want to create in your life? Rather than focusing on ridding yourself of the thoughts that aren�t right for you, ask yourself, �What do I want to create in my life?� Write down a list of 5-10 things you want to create (begin each item with I have�) or write in free form about the life you want to experience (begin with I am�). By focusing on what you want to create in your life, your thoughts will become right for you and the life that is right for you will follow.

As you follow these steps, don�t be too hard on yourself or judge the process. Unrealistic expectations or harsh self-judgment will allow the thoughts that aren�t right for you to resurface. If you aren�t getting what you intended to create, simply notice what you have created and check to see if there is a connection between your thoughts leading up to that moment. Then, repeat these steps until you begin to notice a shift to what you do intend to create and your thoughts. An ongoing practice of creating will transform your thoughts and your life over time if you simply stick with it.

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Submitted by:

Cindy Silbert

� 2007 Bring U to Life, Inc. For more information on how to create the life you desire, visit http://www.bringUtolife.com.


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