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Awakening Psychic Powers

We all inherently possess the ability to experience more than what we see in our normal waking consciousness. If we want to awaken our psychic powers we must learn to tap into our sub-conscious mind: trust the messages we receive and know that the only restrictions are those that we place on ourselves.

Most of you have seen demonstrations of spoon bending and other unexplained psychic phenomena and secretly wished that you could perform these things yourselves. Well the truth is that you can if you learn to remove the restrictions of what you perceive as possible and not possible. Everything begins with thought, so if we believe that we can�t bend a spoon or levitate an object we will never be able to do it.

The Christian Bible States: �And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Mathew 17:20

Regardless of what one believes of the bible and its teachings, this statement is absolutely true. Jesus is speaking metaphorically but the message is abundantly clear. It is our beliefs and the degree of our faith that limit our abilities to perform extraordinary feats.

It will not be possible to physically move anything or experience extra sensory perceptions if we perceive them as being separate from ourselves. Separation is an illusion; there is no separation in the Universe. We are all aspects of the same omnipotent, conscious intelligent energy that makes up the world in which we live. Call it the mind of God or Universal consciousness it doesn�t matter. What matters is that we accept our place and understand the connectedness of our existence.

As we begin to lift the veil of restrictions we place on ourselves we can begin to accept the limitless abilities we possess. The psychic powers we seek will no longer seem distant on unattainable, we will have at our command all that is possible. While we think about moving �the pencil� or putting out � the candle flame� we just have to understand that we are really moving an aspect of ourselves and not something that is separate.

With sufficient determination, and practice anyone can awaken the psychic powers within them. All you need to do is to diligently follow a training regime, remove all doubt as to the limitless possibilities we inherently possess and believe in yourself.

Meditation is the best way for the average person to raise their energy levels and tap into your subconscious and multi-dimensional mind. Don�t discount the importance of this as a means to awakening your psychic powers. You must train your mind as a bodybuilder trains his body. Follow a proven program and dedicate your efforts in a constructive way. Set goals for yourself and do whatever it takes to achieve those goals. The rewards will astound you. You will be empowered with the sense of accomplishment and understanding that you have never felt before.

The first step to perfecting any type of energy movements such as awakening your psychic abilities is to learn how to silence your mind and relax your body. I have been practicing energy movements for many years and if you haven�t been getting the results you are looking for than I recommend you try the following:
Increase Your Energy and Increase Your Psychic Power

Submitted by:

Kevin Forrester

Increase Your Energy and Increase Your Psychic Power http://www.higherbalance.wordpress.com


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