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How To Hypnotize Someone � Learn The Proper Approach

If you want to learn how to hypnotize someone first you must discover how �suggestible� they are to being hypnotized. Do this by asking the person to stare at a small light in a room that is dark. Pretend that you have moved the light and then ask the person if the light is presently moving. If they say yes then they are a good bet for hypnosis.

Another way to test suggestibility is to instruct the person to roll their eyes upward towards the ceiling, as far as they are able to. The whiter of the eye you see and the less colored, the easier it will be to hypnotize the individual.

To learn how to hypnotize someone properly you should learn from a professional. Only then will you know how to do it correctly. To start, choose a calm, quiet and safe place to hypnotize and make sure the person is sitting in a comfortable chair and dim the lights slightly. Encourage your subject to use relaxation techniques to calm themselves. Instruct the person to close their eyes. Give the person a few minutes to get themselves into a relaxed state of calm and serenity.

In order to learn how to hypnotize someone, you must know how to talk to that person. The way you talk is very important as it sets the stage for what is to come. Talk in a gentle, calm manner yourself. Talk slowly but confidently and always have a reassuring tone.

Keep in mind that you want the person to be as relaxed as possible and you want their mind to become completely focused on you, and not on any other aspect of the surroundings. Being in a hypnotic state is often described as being in a �state of extreme concentration.� The goal is for the person to focus completely on what you are saying and doing and on what instructions you give them to carry out.

To test your success at this, ask the person to do a simple action, such as to raise their arm a fraction of an inch or to left their chin. Always move slowly from one command to the next and start with simple instructions which can then lead to more complicated ones. Start with easy movements and then move onto simple responses to things, such as asking them what color their hair is, or their favorite shirt. From there you can move on to the bulk of work you need to do to help them with a specific problem.

Learning how to hypnotize someone takes practice and it must be undertaken for the right reasons. Bear in mind that you are not in control of the subject�s mind but are instead making suggestions which the individual is responding to. The hypnotized person is still very much in control of themselves.

What you hope to accomplish through hypnosis is to delve into the unconscious and to help the person in whatever way is necessary, whether it be to relieve stress, relieve pain, or uncover the root of their insecurity, etc. Use the power of hypnosis to help and not hinder another person.

Submitted by:

Sue Watson

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