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How To Just Say No And Not To Take On Too Much

Practice saying no both at home and at work, whenever you�re asked to take on more than you know you can handle. Overextending yourself can be a hard habit to break, but it is an essential step in getting out of your own way so you can accomplish your life�s goals. You deserve time for yourself, and you must be responsible for ensuring your personal needs are met.

Here are 5 ways to learn to say �NO�:

1. �I�m not comfortable/don�t enjoy doing that.� Stick to your guns. If you�re asked to do something that seems wrong or a task you despise doing, don�t agree to it and explain why. This way you will be able to avoid repeat requests for the same thing.

2. �I can�t help right now, but ask me later.� Again, be honest with this statement. If you really do want to help out, but just don�t have the time when the request is made, let the person asking you know that you�d be happy to help out when you can. If possible, give them a specific availability, like tomorrow or next week, when you know you�ll be free. If they need the task done before then, they will find someone else.

3. �I have no experience with this type of task.� This is similar to stating you�re not the best person for the job, but more significant- at least for you. When you take on a task for someone else, you shouldn�t have to learn a whole new skill set just to complete one thing. However, if it�s something you were planning to learn anyway, you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new.

4. �I know you want to [other person�s objective] but I can�t get away from [other commitment] right now.� This is a polite way to acknowledge the needs of the other person while refusing to overburden yourself. This can also open the opportunity to handle the root issue of the request in a way that is convenient for both of you.

5. �No, but...� If for whatever reason you can�t commit to a request, you can offer an alternative that would be beneficial to the situation. Perhaps you�re unable to perform the specific task requested, but there is another aspect of the project you would be able to help out with. Again, this leaves your options open without making you seem callous or unconcerned with whomever is making a request of you.

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