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10 Simple Steps To Abundance That Work!

Abundance begins within you and radiates outward into the material world. It is a state of consciousness that is reflected back to you in the form of money and experiences. You must increase your abundance from the inside. One of the main areas you must work on is your gratitude for what you already have. Gratitude, like all things you focus on, multiplies. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to increase your abundance.

1. Give freely without thought of return. You get back what you put out! This also teaches your subconscious mind that there is more than enough.

2. Focus on your blessings for a few minutes everyday even if it is only being grateful for the air that is so abundant around you. Concentrate on the fact that there is abundance everywhere you look. Look for the blessing that are not overtly apparent. For example, when I wanted to manifest a car I started being grateful for the pavements that I was walking on - can you imagine how hard it would be to get somewhere if you had to walk on uneven marshy ground and rummage through trees? The pavements where given to me freely to use and I was grateful for them.

3. Look for the diverse ways that people connect to the Divine Source of abundance. Abundance is more than just money! Look at different faiths and how they worship. Expand your horizons. Look for the similarities rather than the differences. When you see the connectedness of all life you will begin to realise that you are One with all things including money and wealth!

4. Set aside about 20 minutes a day to visualise your perfect life filled with abundance and joy. Try to realise your connection to the higher power that gives freely and abundantly and dwells within you! "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" Cor. 3:16.

5. Eliminate inner obstacles to creating abundance and allow yourself to experience the wealth of the Universe which is yours by birthright!

6. Allow space for abundance to enter your life. Throw or give away things you no longer need or use. Remove the clutter from your life. The Universe abhors a vacuum and immediately tries to fill the empty space.

7. Look for possibilities and be open to opportunities for creating more wealth in your life. Invite abundance in!

8. Magnify abundance by focusing on it. We always get more of what we focus on in life. So, focus on the fact that almost everything you are looking at right now started as a thought in someone's head and was then manifested into reality - right down to the seat you are now sitting on!

10. Write out your goals 10 at a time. Keep a list of them with you and read them frequently. Think about the list often and what it will mean to you when you manifest each one.

Submitted by:

Michael McGrath

Michael McGrath is the owner of several successful Internet businesses, a university computer graduate and he has over 21 years experience with personal development. His most popular sites are Personal Development - The personal development industry put to the test. We only review personal development products that work!

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