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10 Steps to Achieving Your Goals - Articles Surfing

The ability to set goals and to develop a plan for the accomplishment of those goals is arguably the most important ingredient of success.

Mastering this skill will enable you to achieve your dreams faster than you ever thought possible.

The goal-achieving system below is a powerful, yet simple strategy that can be used to help you achieve anything in life that you desire.

1. Set your goal.

The first step is to find a goal that is big enough to inspire you. Unless you are truly inspired to accomplish the goal, it is just a wish. By calling it a "goal", you are affirming that (a) you desire it intensely, (b) you truly believe in your ability to achieve your goal and (c) you are willing to pay the price in advance for achieving your goal.

2. Write down your goal.

Writing out your goal stimulates the "filtering" part of your brain, called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). When you write down your goal, the RAS begins collecting relevant information, then sends results to the conscious part of your mind. It acts "behind the scenes", causing you to become aware of opportunities that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Make sure that the goal is positive, is written in the present tense, is action-oriented, and is specific and as detailed as possible.

3. Establish a deadline for the achievement of your goal.

By setting a deadline, your subconscious is activated to ensure the achievement of your goal within the prescribed time frame. If you follow all the steps in this process, and your projections are realistic, then you will achieve your goal by the deadline.

4. Determine how you will benefit from achieving the goal.

You will only be compelled to achieve your goal if it is something that inspires you, something that causes such intense desire in you that you are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal. By writing down the reasons you want to achieve your goal, you'll discover how intense your desire really is.

5. Identify what stands between you and your goal.

There will probably be several elements standing between you and your goal. Make a list of these "challenges", and rank them in order of priority. Then, begin taking action to remove each of the elements that stands in the way of the accomplishment of your goal.

6. Design an action plan for accomplishing your goal.

This detailed plan will encompass everything that you have done in the previous steps. Write out all the steps that you will have to take, and rank them in order of priority. Assign target dates for each step.

7. Visualize your goal as already having been accomplished.

Review your goal daily. Also, the more detailed you can make you vision, the more powerful it will be.

8. Affirm your goal as already having been accomplished.

Every day, read your goal either silently or aloud. Repeat it to yourself, over and over again.

9. Resolve to take massive action toward the achievement of your goal.

Persistence and determination will keep you on the success track anytime obstacles try to stand in your way. By taking continuous action, you will eventually reach the point where nothing can stop you.

10. Take one specific action every day to propel you toward your goal.

By taking continuous action, you develop the necessary discipline and momentum that you will need to achieve your goals.

Any worthwhile goal requires sustained effort. By consisting applying the methods above, you will develop the success habits that will enable you to achieve any goal that you desire.

Submitted by:

Brian Bartes

Brian Bartes is a top personal and business success coach. His bi-weekly newsletter is filled with strategies that support you in achieving greater success in your personal and professional life. Subscribe today at his website, http://www.lifeexcellence.com. This article may be used with the author's name and website included. Please email a link or forward a copy of the publication if published.



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