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7 Tips To A Fear Free Wedding Speech

If you're scared to death of public speaking it may interest you to know that you're not alone. Public speaking is the #1 fear in the United States. That's right; more people are scared of public speaking than spiders.

But you need to deliver a speech at an upcoming wedding and knowing that the fear of public speaking is very common is probably not doing much to ease your nerves.

Well fear not. By following these simple tips you can reduce your fear and confidently deliver a crowd pleasing wedding speech.

Find Examples Of Great Speeches

Writing a speech from scratch can be extremely nerve wracking. The first thing you should do is find examples of wedding speeches to get your brain working. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Find some great examples and tailor them to your needs.

Know Your Audience

When presenting a speech at a wedding you will most likely have Parents and Grandparents and small children present. Although lewd exploits and stories may be amusing to a certain crowd, they would not be appropriate here.

Be Prepared But Don't Over Prepare

It's important to know your material well. Practice your speech and refine it until you can present it comfortably. Delivering your speech to friends can help you get comfortable with an audience and will also help you refine your speech. Once you're satisfied with the content and delivery of your speech just relax. When you present your speech you want to appear fresh and sincere. Too much practicing may cause your delivery to appear stiff and rehearsed.

Have a Safety Net

Don't try to memorize your speech. That only adds the fear of forgetting something to your anxiety. To be sure you keep on track and don't forget anything you should write a brief outline on note cards to glance at during your speech.

Visualize Yourself Speaking Confidently

This little trick helps you build your confidence before the big day. Imagine yourself at the wedding, facing your audience, speaking clearly and confidently. Building a positive image of your speech in your head will go a long way toward easing your nervousness when it's your turn to speak.

Remember Why You're There

Remind yourself that you're there to inform and entertain your wedding guests and make the wedding party feel loved. You're not there to make everyone believe you are a seasoned public speaker so relax, be yourself and don't worry about being perfect.

Know That Your Audience Wants You To Succeed

It's a safe bet that most of your audience is terrified of public speaking. They know how hard it is to get up in front of a room and make a speech. They'll be rooting for you too succeed and will be very forgiving of any mistakes or nervousness on your part. It's just like talking to your friends.

By following these simple tips you'll go a long way toward reducing your anxiety when the time comes to get up and deliver your fear free wedding speech.

Submitted by:

Will Stevens

Will Stevens used to get sick at the thought of public speaking before he found the secret to delivering speeches without fear. Click here http://www.informationsourcebook.com/weddingspeeches/ for a complete step-by-step guide to writing wedding speeches and you'll be on your way to a fear free wedding speech in no time.


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