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What exactly do we mean by a goals program? Well for one thing we don't mean, is to just set some goals that never get accomplished anyway. Could you pray tell what in the hell is the use setting the stupid things if you don't intended to do anything with them?

It's not that people don't intend to do anything, it's just with life's little ups and downs they seemed to get pushed to the back burner or worse, you lose all your desire to get to the level that you have always had your heart to turn this ship around so that we can make it to the next level, that we had envisioned as a young adult.

How can we get that fire back you may be asking yourself? Not to worry the thing that will get you back in the saddle is a goals program. Where we go from point a to z and show you how to set yourself up for victory and start to get back on track to where you were years ago and rekindle that burning desire that you so greatly need to make it to the upper echelon of society. The place we all belong at and it is within our grasp if you only dare to set up your goals program and get down to business!

How do I set up a goals program, you may be asking yourself? Well one thing it's not and that is a new year's resolution, a promise to a spouse or close relative. If you have done any of those thing throw away the slate and get ready to start a new one because if this thing is set up right you will surly be on your way to a new landing 'the place you have always wanted to be' yet somehow it has just barely eluded you and your loved ones.

How would it make you feel to tell everyone you know that you are now finically independent and that you make your own hours and drive the car you choose not the one that you can afford? It would feel great wouldn't it hold that feeling tight while you set those goals, keep the vision of you succeeding in your mind. I mean never, never let these pictures out of your head, eat sleep and stay focused to the dream that is going to become a reality.

How do we go about the fact to start a goals program? It sounds so complex, don't worry before we are done you will be a goal setter extraordinaire. First you need to list the things that you really, really, really want. Once we know what it is we want then we need to do a brainstorming session. This is were you put all your hopes and desires down on paper as fast as you can write them, don't worry if you end up with fifty pages that really doesn't matter?

What matters is the fact that you put your mind in overdrive and you shoot out answers, dreams, hopes that you know are your true goals as you should have put feeling in this exercise and if you didn't then go back and do your rapid fire session again and get those creative juices flowing! Sit back and know your mind will spit out some of the best ideas and goals that you have ever had, you know why?

You put feeling into this exercise, you were frustrated with the current system and you were looking for a better way to get close to all your dreams, which up till this point had eluded you in an ever increasing pain body that covered up your real self and put an imposter at the wheel.

Ok now that we have all our ideas down on paper go through and find the ones that you feel you must absolutely get them done and pronto. First of all you are going to pick five of the goals and work on those until you have accomplished those goals and let's say you have three done and you are stuck on two, then work on them for no more than two months and if by this time you have not achieved those two put them back in the list but put them at the bottom of the list.

Chances are that those two may not have been in your best interest so don't sweat it, you still received victory on three of the goals and that is very impressive indeed! Pat yourself on the back you deserve it. Let me tell you start with the goal that's the easiest to complete, because when you get that first one down you will gain some much needed confidence in yourself and this will surly add to your self esteem and in turn give you some added belief in yourself.

This can never be measured in gold. Then when you have all the ones you want done on the first list you should by now have some confidence and this in turn will add to your ever growing ability to move forward when things are just plain tough, yet you somehow get results and this just makes you smile. The next step is to get together with your mastermind group. What is a mastermind group you are asking yourself?

It is a group of close friends or experts in your field of endeavor, who have agreed to be on your ideas team. You get your six most trusted and highly regarded people to together once a week to brainstorm ideas and you all together will spit out some goals for your business, your life, what ever you choose the topic will be and you may only get five ideas a week and that's ok.

Now it's up to you to you follow through and start the goals system all over again. Only this time you will take the best idea out of the five and work on implementing it in any way you see fit. Now do you see how a goals program is so very different then just saying you are going to do this or that, there is some structure and it's this structure that will hold the whole goals program together when the going get tough. All I can say is goals yeah baby goals!

Submitted by:

Arthur Buchanan

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With Much Love,Arthur BuchananPresident/CEOOut of Darkness & Into the Light43 Oakwood Ave. Suite 1012Huron Ohio, 44839www.out-of-darkness.comwww.adhdandme.comwww.biologicalhappiness.com567-219-0994 (cell)arthur@out-of-darkness.com



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