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A Leopard Changed Its Spots

Have you heard the saying, "A Leopard Can't Change Its Spots"?

What if I told you they were wrong? What if I told you that you can change and that your history is not the main factor in what you want to do, or become even at a biological level.

Advancements in biology and in how we think and function are catching up with people like Napoleon Hill or Maxwell Maltz of whom, told us that the way we think and feel, and that which we focus on will shape our world and the outcome of our lives. We literately become what we focus on most.

Scientists who are studying Stem Cell research challenged the notion that once a cell is programmed to become a particular thing, whether that is an arm, liver or heart, that it will always be that and will not and cannot change. It is in line with what we have been told about the leopard and our own nature and reaction to life.

However, the scientists have taken cells from a liver and introduced them into a heart.

They were thrilled to find out that the cells from the liver started to transform and take on the coding and function of the heart. The cells literately started communicating with other heart cells to work as one. This has far reaching possibilities for our health and for people who were told that there is no hope for their health challenges.

So, if your cells can transform into something else than so can you. When I read this information, I came to the conclusion that for the cells and for us, one of the biggest factors in changing our lives or our spots as it were, is to submerse ourselves in the conditions that we want to become.

Using the cells as an example, it is hard not to be a liver cell when you are surrounded by other liver cells. You copy that which you see are apart of. By intentionally choosing to be around other successful people in what ever area you want to be in, you start to take on the traits and habits of those people.

However, if you stay around people who would rather complain, bemoan their fate and blame the world for their challenges, that is the personality that you will take own. That is the energy that you will absorb.

So first decide, what it is you want to do, be and have. Then once you have a clear picture, start to be around those types of people, places and events. And know that you can change your life and alter the reality that you felt you had. If you want to be a marketer, chef, athlete, writer or entrepreneur, start getting to know some. Find out what they do and get into a mastermind group. Submerse yourself around those skills and traits you wish to take on. And yes, that means leaving some people behind. Especially those who want you to remain the same.

Submitted by:

Maria Boomhower

Maria Boomhower known as The Master Communicator. has won awards for excellence in her field. To learn more go to her site and grab a free report on "The 7 Secrets to Communication Mastery"


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