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A Negative Thinking Person Cannot Succeed

Do you know that negative thinking can be self-fulfilling?

When face with a very difficult problem, the person with a negative frame of mind will unlikely be able to cope with the problem as compare to a person with a positive mind frame. Luckily for us, these worlds have more positive thinker rather than negative thinker or it would not have progress over the years in term of engineering, medical science, information technology etc.

Why is it that negative thinker can never improved our living environment?

If a negative thinking person is in a difficult situation, that person would likely to give up rather that persist in finding the solutions to the problems. The famous inventor Thomas Edison would not have succeeded in inventing the light bulb if he is not a positive thinker and keep experimenting, finding ways of improving his light bulb with nothing but his self-belief that his inventions will work. Not many people can survive failing more than 1000 times in an experiment and it is because that such positive thinking people exists that we are able to enjoy the progress of today.

Imagine that you are a negative thinker and have a difficult problem at hand. Most likely, you will give up after a few tries and that separate you from a successful person who will keep on going and going just like the rabbit battery advertisements. A negative person give up too easily and they always assume that things can never be done and it is no use trying. They tends to look down on themselves and blame the environment and rely too much to luck instead of trying and finding new and alternative ways of solving the problems.

Therefore, to succeed in your life and achieved your dreams or goals, read, see, listen and surround yourself with positive thoughts and people and learn to think more positively and belief in yourself that you can do it even though the tunnel on the other end is still fill with darkness. A positive thinker will one day re-fill the darkness with brightness.

I remember reading somewhere: 'The illiterate of the future is not one who cannot read or write but one who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.' This was a view held by a Nobel laureate.

Wishing you success living as a positive thinker.

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