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Are You Liable For Your Own Actions? - Articles Surfing

Several interesting things caught my eyes this week, all pretty much along the same theme. It seems that these days no one takes responsibility for their own actions. People always have an excuse and so quickly they pass the buck.

I read an article just recently, where a man was accused of internet luring; his plea was that he was set up by the police. However he took the bate, knowing the girl was 14. He then claimed she looked older. However he very well knew she wasn't

After a recent situation took place, my mind got working in over time. I thought to myself that people really are funny. Why is that people don't want to take responsibility for their own actions? It appears that we no longer own our actions. Owning your action involves taking personal responsibility for what you do. Why it is when something goes wrong people need some place to lay the blame? Part of being a mature responsible adult is to know that when you make a decision in life that you are responsible for the outcome; not someone else.

Let's look at the following examples.

A married man goes out and has an affair on his wife. He blames the wife for not satisfying his needs in bed. Did he ever justify that maybe he has the problem.

Another look would be your electricity gets turned off because you didn't pay it. Do you blame the mail man for not bringing the bill? Do you blame the company because you didn't receive the bill? You knew the bill was due. You pay it every month don't you? It comes down to responsibility.

You join a website and the administrator bans you for breaking the terms of service. You blame the administrator? Why? You knew the rules of the website and had you not known the rules you should have prepared yourself better by reading them before joining. Everyone wants to lay blame on someone now days.

Your daughter gets pregnant at 15. Let me guess you blame Britney spears for influencing her to dress sexy. Yet it was you as a parent who purchased the clothes and allowed her to wear them.

Your son gets suspended from school for fighting, drinking and drugs. You don't take responsibility as the parent. You blame the child. Well doesn't family values start at home? It is the rules that you set down that count. Your responsibility comes that you as a parent have control over your child.

When do we start taking responsibilities for our lives? We all have a choice, we all have a responsibility to pay our bills, go to work, follow the rules and bring up our family. It is really unfortunate that we seem to be raising a generation of children that don't take responsibility for their actions either. They blame their friends, they blame their teachers, they blame everyone around them but themselves.

Also when people feel hard done by, they just can't seem to let go of it; get over it and move on with their lives. When do we learn as adults to be responsible for our own actions? When do we start living with the consequences of our decisions? Let go of blaming and being a victim. It serves no one. It sure doesn't help you any. How happy has not excepting responsibility for your actions made you? It is time to admit your mistakes and not blame someone out. Responsibility means that other people can depend on you. By being a responsible adult you accept credit when you do the right thing and accept correction when someone tells you that you have made a wrong choice in your life.

I think it is time each of us assumed responsibility in life by being liable for our actions and taking ownership of them. Please for goodness sake, stop making excuses for your life. When you have done wrong, admit to your mistakes and move on. We're adults here and we want to be treated as such. Of course this is until it's not in our favor and then we want to blame someone else , anyone but ourselves.

Submitted by:

Rose DesRochers

Rose is a published author from Canada Ontario and is also the founder of http://www.todays-woman.net a community for men and women over 18, where writers/poets/columnists meet and exchange ideas, contest, rate and review and help each other succeed in the writing industry. Check out Rose's first poetry book "She is like the wind" and purchase poetry that is sure to be a world of emotion on a canvas that is her soul.




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