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Are You Sensibly Sense-full? Don't Miss The Day - Articles Surfing

'Can you hear it? It's there. Listen.'

'What? I can't hear a thing.'

'That is exactly the point. Listen to the quiet.'

Yesterday was a typical day for me. I was up early, practiced a presentation for about an hour, had a quick cup of coffee and toast, and then perched myself in my office. The hours zipped by as I made calls, answered calls, and typed voraciously on the computer. My mind was awhirl with duties that needed to be done. I was having difficulty focussing on any one thing. Each time I submersed myself in a project, the phone would ring, and I would allow it to distract me in another direction. I looked at my planner. I wasn't ticking off tasks. In fact, they were ticking me off.

I was working really hard at accomplishing nothing ' or so it seemed.

Have you ever had one of those days?

I turned to load paper onto the printer, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see my faithful Border-Collie, Tip, peering longingly in the window. I turned to glance at her, and she wagged her tail as if to say, 'Aren't you coming out to play?'

I looked at the mountain of paper I was working on. Maybe some exercise would help me to clear my mind.

I put on my running shoes and out the door I went. My purpose was to get exercise and that's it. My legs were pumping, heart was pounding, and I was breathing hard. I was on my regular path, several kilometres down the road, a turn through the ditch, and onto a forest trail. My mind was on my projects in my office, and I was totally oblivious to anything around me. I stumbled on a root and stopped. And so did my mind.

The world was totally quiet in that spot. There was not a rustle of leaves, a chirp of a bird, or any manmade sounds. Total quiet. Wow!

All of a sudden, the little daily miracles registered in my mind ' the beauty of the trees in full colour, the autumn smells of the forest, the crystal clear sky, and my unconditionally loving friend, Tip. My self-imposed burdens, fears, and concerns vanished from my mind, and I felt a warm glow of purposeful life.

I almost missed it; the beauty and magic of the day.

What about you?

Do you submerse yourself in your work and miss the beauty of your day?

Do you take for granted the people, places, and experiences that surround you?

Take five minutes to do the following, wherever you may be.

' Go outside and stand on mother earth, rather than concrete or pavement. If possible, go to a park or open space.

' Take a deeeeeeeeep breath. Hold it for a few seconds and then exhale slowly.

' Open your mouth and inhale again. Taste the air. Notice the distinct flavours.

' Close your mouth and inhale through your nose. Notice the individual smells, rather than an odour soup.

' Look into the sky and notice what is there ' or is not there.

' Listen for individual sounds and separate each one, rather than hearing a jumbled racket.

' Feel the air on your skin, and sense the warmth, coldness, moisture, dryness, breeze, or stillness.

You are alive today. What an honour!

Practice appreciating the beauty all around you. It is there, if you choose to use all of your senses. See it in people, places, and experiences.

I challenge you to practice genuine appreciation on a daily basis. I guarantee that you will have fewer experiences of anger, fear, frustration, and guilt. You will find it easier to focus on, and accomplish your tasks. You will find your relationships more enjoyable, effective, and satisfying.

What do you have to lose by trying?

Be sensibly sense-full. Don't miss the day.

Copyright© 2005

Submitted by:

Dan Ohler

Dan Ohler is a relationship, change, and happiness specialist. Dan's high-content keynotes, interactive workshops, and comedy presentations help you and your organization excel.

Through Dan's insights & humour you learn to apply the basics of human psychology ' the natural laws that create life-long flourishing relationships, and abounding success.

To book Dan for your next event, buy his book, or subscribe to his FREE e-zine, 'Soaring Insights,' visit www.ThinkinOutsideTheBarn.com



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