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The Germans built The Auschwitz death camp in Poland during the Second World War to dispose of unwanted races and other numerous persons considered to undermine the composition of The Third Reich.

These were mainly Jews but also included Poles Slavs homosexuals Communists Gypsies those mentally ill or retarded plus those born with brain damages and common criminals. Auschwitz was designed to exterminate these unwanted people on a massive scale. The victims were not criminals they had broken no German laws. There were no trials. They were stripped of their status assets property and possessions. Large racial groups of these persons and individuals were then sent to concentration camps in Germany or occupied countries. From there the persons were transported in trainloads to death camps such as Auschwitz in Southern Poland.

All the features in this death camp were thoughtfully laid out to afford maximum efficiency of operation. Nazi officers controlled and supervised the mass killings with a studied well-planned well-disciplined industrial indifference towards processing their victims. The genocide was finally stopped only when the Russian Army came up to Auschwitz in 1945 during its advance to Berlin. This was sixty years ago.

Questions persist to this day about the how and why of Auschwitz. Why in the greater scheme of things did it happen? What possible purpose did it serve? How could two peoples as civilized and intellectually advanced as the Germans and the Jews become so locked together in such a dance of death? Why were God's Chosen People destined to suffer so much agony? If the Jews are God's Chosen People what are they chosen for? Are the Jews to be continually humiliated and murdered? Is this what they are chosen for? There must be a higher view on this.

The Marharishi Mahesh Yogi commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita suggests a solution to a problem is never found at the level of the problem. A higher view always has to be taken.

I once heard a speaker say how the Jew will thank God with all his heart for benefits and blessings he receives. The Jew will also stand up to God and curse Him to His face if he feels God has treated him badly. In no case will the Jew ignore God and this must be one of the features of God's Chosen People.

As a Christian I look to see if there is any light to be found on this issue from the life and death of Jesus Christ. Immediately I am struck by the comparisons I observe. Jesus was after all a Jew and therefore one of God's Chosen People. Jesus then was a Jew among Jews. What is borne by one will be required of all.

In the death of Jesus there seems to be a similarity between the passive inevitability adopted by the Jews towards their fate at Auschwitz and the mute acceptance by Jesus of his fate before Pilate. Christ too had not committed any crime. He had no history of crime. He did not rant nor rave about his innocence. He blamed no one for his circumstances. On the contrary Jesus stated it was in His power to lay down His life or to take it up as He pleased.

We are also reminded in modern metaphysics action is preceded by thought and thought by feeling and feeling by a higher frequency energy. This higher energy is transformed into lower frequencies by the quality of its originating mind. It becomes transformed into positive or negative action. In the eastern religions these positive and negative energy forces become apposing energy fields.

Negative energies from individual negative minds gradually coalesce into large energy potentials to eventually challenge the opposite positive energy fields emitted by Realized men to dissolve them. The positive energy fields neutralize the negative fields. Positive equals Good therefore real but negative is illusion and will fall.

God sent Jesus direct to earth to direct power to neutralize the negative pressures of the age formed by wrong actions emanating from negative minds across the world.

The Jews are God's Chosen People. If this is viewed from a higher plane it could mean the Jews as a people are chosen to neutralize the excessive negative energies generated by nations and men during the downhill intervening periods between the Incarnations of Prophets.

During these periods the human race throws up. One such clearing of the system was at Auschwitz. Both Jew and German were purified. One by sacrifice as part of God's purpose for His Chosen People the other by elimination of dark forces from deep in the German psyche.

Whomsoever God Loves He chasteneth both Jew and German.

Copyright 2005 John Blenkin

Submitted by:

John Blenkin

John Blenkin is a retired architect and is now a watercolor painter and article writer. His interests are wide covering both technical and philosophical subjects. He also writes online articles on the technique of watercolor painting.





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