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This is a new song by Kelly Clarkson, I think once you hear my feeling of this song and what it really stands for, you are going to love it!

Because of you I never stray to far from the sidewalk? What exactly does she want to covey to all of us? Now is this a good thing or a bad thing? Let's see, if you look at it one way it's good, because on the side walk it is safe and you won't get hit by a speeding car!

Now what if heaven was in the street and you or I never strayed to far from the sidewalk? Well it's quite plan to see, if you don't leave the side walk (YOUR COMFORT ZONE), you will never get to heaven or your reunion with God. What if it doesn't matter if you stay on the sidewalk or go into the street?

What if it really means because of you, God I will never stray, from you, who built me in your own image, because of you, I am connected to you eternally never to be separated, as a matter of fact what if this is the Garden of Eden and we don't know any better?

What if we are collaborators of creation and in the evolution of things, we are waiting for the second coming of Christ, which in all reality is not the end of the world as we know it, it's just the beginning of a new consciousness, a new heaven and earth where we will all be equal, regardless of what we have done in the past.

I mean because of you, really means, that we are evolving as a species and what we gained when we ate the apple of good and evil, really was our first revaluation that we are truly connected to GOD and that we can't fail, because we are truly collaborators in creation, every feeling we get each and everyone of us, is God feeling it also, do you see how this could benefit him?

If he knew there was an up, then he sure knew that there was a down, but maybe just maybe he wanted to feel this in the flesh and yes this is were Jesus comes in he was at such a high spiritual level that he showed us how to overcome the so called death, which is not really the end at all, it is just a new beginning of all the experiences wrap up into one giant organism.

Now if we can truly and utterly want to be more like Christ, which means you literally, need to become more and more like him. Are you with me here? Jesus said before Abraham I am, now when it is used in this way it shows us that Jesus was there before, what we call time to the nothing which all things come from.

How then did he multiply the fish and loaves? Well Jesus or the Christ was I am the alpha and omega, the begging and the end. He was, when there was nothing, as all of us came from the nothing into the space and time continuum. Because of you, I AM there is time and space, which truly only exist in your minds, if we are truly present in the NOW, then we as a spiritual being are fulfilled and God has expressed himself through us which we are the I AM.

When Jesus performed a miracle he would look to the sky and said, I thank you father for what you are going to do! Because of you, I multiplied the fishes and loaves, because of you every day I get closer and closer to becoming like you and this is my destiny, because of you I can never be alone, or as the song says, stray to far from the side walk and that would be GOD!

Submitted by:

Arthur Buchanan

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With Much Love,Arthur BuchananPresident/CEOOut of Darkness & Into the Light43 Oakwood Ave. Suite 1012Huron Ohio, 44839www.out-of-darkness.comwww.adhdandme.comwww.biologicalhappiness.com567-219-0994 (cell)arthur@out-of-darkness.com



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