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Being a Self Motivator

We are all motivated by different things: people, power, money, fame, or success. We rely on these motivators to push us to work harder, faster, and better. These motivators can be the difference between a good performance and a great performance.

But what happens when our boss is traveling and isnít there to motivate you? What if your spouse is busy with the kids and doesnít have time to inspire you to do your best? Or, what if a motivator such as a higher sales commission has lost its appeal?

When someone or something can no longer motivate you (whether temporarily or permanently), you need to motivate yourself! Actually, self-motivation should be your main source of motivation at all times. If you arenít motivated, it will be a lot harder for someone or something to do it for you!

Letís say you have just been assigned a very important project that if executed correctly, could increase your companyís revenue significantly. No pressure! You have been told that this project is to be your top priority and it will take several months to complete.

Since youíll be working on this project by yourself, you wonít have a lot of interaction with your boss and colleagues. In fact, your boss has some important projects of his own that heíll be tending to, as well as hiring some new staff.

Therefore, you are going to need to rely on self-motivation to help you successfully complete this project.

Here are 7 tips to being a self-motivator:

1. Set goals.

Identify exactly what it is you need to be motivated about. If you set goals, you will stay focused.

2. Have faith in yourself.

No matter how big a project seems, you need to be confident that you can complete it successfully. If you donít have faith in yourself, why should anyone else?

3. Create a plan.

How do you plan to achieve your goals? Break down big tasks into bite-size nibbles so you can see frequent progress.

4. Visualize success.

ďSeeĒ yourself accomplishing the project successfully. When you donít have the result in mind, what will you be going for?

5. Avoid burnout.

Donít let your motivation fade because you are burning out. Do what you need to do to stay eager and motivatedótake a different approach or step away from the project for a short amount of time.

6. Donít rely on others for support.

Donít wait for encouragement from others to keep you going. That way, if you do get positive support it will be the icing on the cake!

7. Congratulate yourself.

Perhaps one of the best self-motivators is to have a reward to look forward to! You can give yourself mini rewards for reaching certain milestones and treat yourself to one big reward at the completion of the goal.

As they say, you can be your own worst enemy. But, insteadóbe your best motivator! When you are self-motivated, you donít let the influence of other people or things determine your outcomeóyou determine it!

Submitted by:

Brian Bartes

Brian Bartes is a top personal and business success coach. His bi-weekly newsletter is filled with strategies that support you in achieving greater success in your personal and professional life. Subscribe today at his website, http://www.lifeexcellence.com. This article may be used with the authorís name and website included. Please email a link or forward a copy of the publication if published.


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