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Are you ready to birth a dream and not sure about the process, wondering if you are stepping out too far this time? Will God bless your dream, or is it His dream you're nurturing? Consider a pregnant woman. We've all had opportunity to observe the process, if not actually experience it.

A pregnant woman knows that the dream growing inside her will come into the world according to the established birth process and unless an interruption interferes with the process, it will occur. She needn't understand or aid the process in any way until the very end, when the process will urgently prompt her participation! Her part is to provide the right internal atmosphere for growth and, as the time approaches, to set the stage, preparing the external atmosphere for the arrival. How does this process unfold and what is the mother's role?

1. Conception - Shortly after conception a woman begins to notice changes, subtle at first, becoming more pronounced with time. She knows her course has changed, though she sees nothing and her routine is barely altered. Her vision expands with the knowledge of what is barely perceptible.

2. Growth - Internal changes occur from the first, though no one is aware of anything but a change in demeanor, a rosier complexion, a faraway look. She knows without seeing - faith appears.

3. Naming - At some point, before birth in most cases, the dream is named and the name is tried on for size. Named for what the dream represents - - still nothing is visible. Knowing a name is intended to relate characteristics of the individual, the parents of this dream use their faith to call this dream according to what they want it to become. They are "calling things that be not (seen) as though they are (seen)." (Romans 4:17)

4. Birth - As the process of transferring the dream into the world begins, the mother may be uncertain how a dream of this size can ever manifest itself! Though weary, and often discouraged at the length of time and energy required, she knows it will happen, though she may be uncertain of her ability to endure.

This is where we often give up. In the natural world, the process will occur regardless of the mother's fatigue or misgivings, though she may require assistance and encouragement at this point. This same point is when spiritual "dream birthers" often require assistance, coaching, to remain diligent and on track.

Unlike the natural birth process, the birth of a dream can he halted at this point, if you don't stay encouraged in the promises of God, and surround yourself with people who understand dream birthing, who will coach you and challenge you to press on.

At no point, once the dream has begun to rearrange the mother's life, expanding her body and her vision, changing her appetites and her needs, does she say "what if it isn't real? What if there's really nothing to it at all?" Absurd, but often we do just that with the dreams we carry. Rather than nurture, we question. What if this wasn't God's idea after all? What if this was conceived of my own imagination?

God is the God of process, and the natural world's processes mirror those of the spiritual world. The Bible tells us in Romans 12:2, that we have three options, the good will of God, the acceptable will of God and the perfect will of God.

1. Perfect Will of God - The dream is totally God's idea - - His perfect will.

2. Acceptable Will of God - It's a "God-approved" idea.

3. Good Will of God - It's your idea, not necessarily God's best for you and perhaps you really haven't sought Him earnestly concerning it. In your heart, however, and in your life you desire to honor Him.

Will He bless all three? Almost certainly, if you are operating under Godly principles, if your character is strong, and your integrity is at the forefront. But there's one more possibility...

4. Contrary to God's Will - This is NOT God's will - what then is it? Sin, sickness, disease, sorrow, grief, etc. are all contrary to God's will. If you've conceived your dream based on these, you're surely not concerned with God's desires.

Congratulations! What do you do now? Make room for it; make provision for it; nurture it by staying in close contact with the Father through prayer and time in the Word, renewing your mind to His perfect will. Commit it to Him - - after all, He is the author of the process. Study the following scriptures and be encouraged, knowing He has spoken to you about your dream: Psalm 37:4, 5; Isaiah 46:11b; Isaiah 54:2,3; Ephesians 3:20,21.

See you in the Delivery Room!

Copyright 2005 So-lu'shunz Management Services

Submitted by:

Karin Syren

Karin Syren is a certified coach, concentrating on women's needs, helping leaders clearly identify issues facing them, coaching them through the steps to gaining, regaining, and maintaining control of juggling the intense demands & transitions facing them. She offers guidance in discovering mission, creating vision & designing goals. For information & to schedule a complementary session, please see her website at http://www.solushunz.com.



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