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Body Image � What Are Your Eyes Saying?

Body Image & Self-Confidence � Two subjects of great interest to all of us. They affect how we feel every day.

How many people will you meet today?

How many will you meet for the first time?

What first impression are you leaving with them?

First impressions are crucial! One CEO said: "The perception you have of people from the first usually proves to be true."

Now, when you meet people, what are your eyes saying about you?

Why the eyes? Because they are a significant factor in how people perceive you.

Ask Yourself...

Have you had the experience of talking to someone who finds it hard to maintain eye contact with you? How do you feel?

You might assume the person is either totally disinterested in what you are saying, lacks self-confidence or is untrustworthy or 'shifty'.

In every case the first impression is NEGATIVE!

On the other hand perhaps you have met someone whose stare almost bores straight through you.

You can feel nervous, uncomfortable, or resentful. It may be an authority figure but this approach hardly endears the person to you.

So for today, concentrate on what your eyes are saying to the people you meet, especially if it is a first meeting.

Five Ways Your Eyes Can Create A Positive Image

Here are some ways to make your eyes say what you want:

1. Establish eye contact from the moment you say hello or are introduced to the person.

Avoid any temptation to look away. This along with a relaxed facial expression will make a good first impression that 'sticks'.

2. Don't give a piercing stare into another person's eyes, rather, look at the whole face.

3. Break your eye contact occasionally by just looking away for a second then fixing your gaze back on the person, giving the impression of concentration.

4. Focus on the person's left eye and then on the right eye, alternating. The person will get the feeling you are being particularly attentive.

5. When the conversation ends, maintain eye contact for just a second longer than you may feel is necessary.

It gives you an air of confidence. People will feel they can trust you; you are a 'solid' kind of individual.

To summarize, what are the benefits of good eye contact?

1. You appear confident

2. You convey to others that you are really listening

3. You send out a message to the other person that you think they are important

4. You look more alert, alive, animated

A final word - these points are not meant to make you manipulative!

They will only work if you have a sincere interest in the other person and genuinely want to establish good rapport.

With a good motive for making that first impression along with good eye contact, you will go a long way toward building a successful image and you will feel so much more confident in yourself!

Submitted by:

Michael A. Jones

Michael A. Jones is a writer and webmaster with over 10 years experience. Check Michael�s site here for a full list of body image breakers you will want to avoid:
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